Development Tendency of Steel Pipes

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According to analysis of relevant experts and database,Guest Posting the price of carbon steel pipe is expected to rebound this year. China has taken action to enlarge the demands of consumption of steel, for instance, the country construct 36 million sets of affordable housing and all kinds of shantytowns transformation housing, the national railway infrastructure investment plan has been adjusted for 4 times, increasing from 406 billion RMB to 516 billion RMB, water conservancy engineering like South-To-North Water Diversion Project has been under construction. These are a series of methods stimulating domestic demand introduced by government. And the government vigorously supports steel the main industries with expectations that it won't decline again. Demand of engineering construction for pipeline is also insignificant, owing to the state investment in the projects such as housing and engineering, the demand for structural steel pipe also increases rapidly. Last year, China's steel pipe exports kept a high level, which is expected to continue in 2015 all the year around. Considering it is difficult for the price of carbon steel pipe to rise sharply, it is expected that export growth will remain stable in 2017. Besides, private investment projects become more and more popular and can be seen everywhere with certain scale which stimulates demand of steel pipe market as well. So in situation of the national macroeconomic regulation and control and the construction of private enterprise investment, the development situation of steel pipe is considerable in 2017.

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