Five Steps on How to Start a Wholesale Clothing Business

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Depending on how small your wholesale clothing trade is, you can start from your house and branch out to a store house as you get bigger.

Being a clothing wholesaler means you do not sell your products directly to the public. You sell to vendors and other jobbers. As a clothing wholesaler,Guest Posting you purchase in bulk from major manufacturers and distributors at lower rates and add your mark up before selling to vendors. The mark up is your profit after deducting your trade expenses.Here are the five easy steps on how you can start a wholesale clothing business:Step 1 -- Decide whether you want to be a general clothing seller or specialize in a niche. As a general clothing seller, you market clothes of all sizes for children, men and women. As a niche seller, you will specialize in one area. Your decision here will determine how you set up your wholesale clothing trade.Step 2 -- Contact clothing manufacturers and distributors online and offline and compare the prices. Ask for price lists and brochures for their merchandise. Visit their store houses or purchase sample products. This will allow you to determine if their product meets your quality standards. Speak with the managers or owners and find out how to order from them in bulk. Each manufacturer or distributor will have a different minimum ordering volume. Be sure to understand what that is. Inquire about their restocking charges, return policy, ordering deadlines, shipping and quality guarantees. Complete wholesale applications where applicable.Step 3 -- Visit other wholesale suppliers in your area. Speak to the managers and owners to determine their pricing structures. Compare the price and quality of clothing they have in stock with the samples you received from your distributors and manufacturers. This will ensure you do not stock inferior product, pay too much for your products or price yourself out of your market.Step 4 -- Visit clothing vendors in your area; these are your buyers. Introduce your business and build a business relationship with them. Begin with locally owned retail shops. They are easier to work with and can order products immediately. Be sure to have samples of your products as well as your price list available for immediate sales.Step 5 -- Start small and add products to your wholesale clothing trade as you grow. This way you're not stuck with outdated products, and you're able to manage your business easily.To find a good supplier is not easy, especially online suppliers. I found my long-term cooperative 3 years after my clothing and shoes business, that is It is a China professional clothing and accessories wholesaler, retailer and dropshipper. A friend told me and I placed a small order, then I get my package 6 days after my pay, the quality is very good and the price is unbelievable low. I owned lots of money these years, and I want to thank my friend very much. Here is the website, hope you can buy more from  my friend:  (Online Livechat)

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