GC016A-200W best Bulk Warehouse light

Sep 21


Stephen M Anderson

Stephen M Anderson

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In this article, we are reading about the Bulk warehouse light GC016A. How it will be more preferable for Area Lighting.


If you are looking to install new or upgrade your bulk warehouse lighting then our GC016A-200W InductionHighbay fittingis a great low cost option both for new installations or for direct lighting retrofit changeovers. The GC016A-200W with its clear PC diffuser is light weight and gives off a big 80+ lumens per watt at a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of around 85Ra which creates over 32,000 VEL (visually effective lumens) of quality low glare light. Our GC016A-200W has proven very effective as a direct replacement for old 400W Mercury Vapour fittings in various warehouse lighting replacement projects in Victoria,GC016A-200W best Bulk Warehouse light Articles NSW and Tasmania in recent years. The large super fluorescent lamps in Induction light fittings are very low glare which makes them ideal for use in areas where forklifts and other lifting apparatus cause their operators to look up into the ceiling area. Both LED and Metal Halide lighting are high glare forms of light and as such are not ideal for use in these areas because they cause potentially dangerous short term white flash in the eyes of personnel exposed to the high glare when looking up.

Our GC016A model has been used in the creation of ESC’s in both the Victorian VEET and the NSW IPART energy savings schemes several times in recent years. The GC016A-200W model can be used as a direct replacement for old 400W Mercury Vapour fixtures or for replacement of 250W and 300W Metal Halide fixtures. One particularly successful changeout completed by Lightingretrofit involved a large frozen food factory storage area containing over 140 350W Metal Halide highbay lighting fixtures were replaced with our instant switching GC016A-250W Induction Highbay fixtures. The changeover was combined with a series of 11 row based motion detectors to keep lights off in rows where the forklifts were not operating. The project was part of the Food & Foundries energy savings program and delivered an 85% reduction in annual lighting costs in the 24/7 operation of the factory freezer storage area. The factory was very impressed with the quality and stability of the light produced and are also pleased with the total lack of fixture failures in the 3 years of operation. A similar result was achieved in a Cement storage facility where 400W Mercury Vapour highbay fixtures were replaced with our GC016A-200W fixtures. The light circuits were then wired to be controlled by motion detectors at each entry point so that lights time themselves off when the area is vacant and turn back on instantly when movement is again detected.

In both cases the operations personnel and factory managers were as impressed with the low glare and viewing quality of the 5000K colour temperature produced by the GC016A fixtures as they were with the energy cost savings. Stored in bulk at our Dandenong, Victoria warehouse and costing around $285 each our GC016A-200W Induction Highbay really is a great option for Warehouse lighting and many other area lighting applications, both for energy efficiency, initial capital cost and extremely low ongoing maintenance costs.