GC004B-200W best for Factory area lighting

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In this article, we are reading about the best Factory area lighting soultion on Victoria.

Energy savings of around 40% on older technologies and the extremely long lamp life providing the added benefit of substantially lower long term maintenance costs,Guest Posting the low pricing on our induction light fixtures provides outstanding Return On Investment figures for our customers. Instant light allows timers and other switching options to further enhance energy savings opportunities.  Induction lighting is the lowest cost lifetime lighting solution for area lighting applications when taking all factors of energy saving, capital cost, instant switching capability and lifetime maintenance costs into account.

All of our Highbay, Floodlight and Street light fixtures carry either AS/NZS 60598 or IEC60598 test reports confirming compliance with the International Luminaire Electrical Safety - General Requirements. From these internationally recognised test reports we have attained SAA Approval certification for our most popular models GC016A and GC004B Highbay lights and our UVL Induction Retrofit kits, all of which are available for use with the VEET energy certificate system in Victoria and IPART energy certificate system in NSW.

If you are looking to install new or upgrade your factory lighting in production areas then our GC004B-200W diffused Induction Highbay fitting is a really good option both on the light quality and for fixture pricing. The GC004B-200W is large, but not heavy and gives off a big 80+ lumens per watt at a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of around 85Ra which creates over 32,000 VEL (visually effective lumens) of quality low glare light. Fitted with a quality PC diffuser, the GC004B-200W Induction Highbay spreads light evenly over a wide area creating an ideal even spread of consistent no flicker light which can be switched on and off instantly to suit the particular application, thus enhancing the already substantial energy savings when compared to older HID technologies.

 Both LED and Metal Halide lighting are high glare forms of light and as such are not ideal for factory production areas as the intense glare can cause issues with short term vision impairment. This vision impairment can affect operator performance and concentration and even cause safety issues. Care must also be taken when using LED fixtures in food production areas as they do tend to have many flat areas and heatsink fins and a gap between the heatsink and the lamp housing, all of which provide ideal environments for insects, moths and spiders. Stored in bulk at our Dandenong, Victoria warehouse and costing around $299 each our GC004B-200W Induction Highbay is a very competitive and functional factory lighting option for energy efficiency, low initial capital cost and extremely low ongoing maintenance costs.

Compare Induction lighting as a very competitive form of lighting when compared to all other lighting technologies, especially LED area lighting.


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