Greener Homes are on the Rise in Hyderabad

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Green homes! A healthy residence that is equipped with green materials with green environments that helps in the efficient use of natural resources and reduction in the usage of fossil fuels that affect the ozone. Presently, green homes have become a new trend, the need of the hour, and an indispensable part of a green (sustainable) lifestyle.


Why go for green homes?


Toxic materials such as plastic food containers,Guest Posting plastic bottles, high chemical antibacterial products, etc. that are used in homes affect both the environment and health.

Besides, pollution is overwhelming everywhere and affecting both the climate and humans. That is the reason, these days, people are becoming eco-conscious than before. Adopting green practices is the only sure shot way to overcome this.



Benefits of green homes:


1. Green Homes Protects Environment:

The benefit of green homes first goes to the environment. The green materials used in building protect the climate by reducing the carbon footprint. These help in protecting biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and improving the quality of air and water.


2. Green Homes protect Health

These help in reducing the noise and providing proper ventilation. It improves the air and thermal environments. Thus, improves quality of life.


3. Green homes are cost-effective

The cost of a green home might seem expensive at the beginning but it will bee cost-effective in the long run. Since it consumes less energy, it reduces energy bills.

4. We can save the future of the future generation

Yes, the future of our next generations is in our hands. If we want human beings to exist in this world, we need to preserve natural resources and maintain a pollution-free environment.

With the arrangements in green buildings, one can save rainwater from the rooftop and Greywater (gently used water) to use it for irrigation or indoor gardening.


5. Gives value to the home and has a higher market value

These help in minimizing the strain on local infrastructure. As there is a significant fall in operating costs, a rise in its benefits gives value to the home and enhances the asset value.




There are three ways to go green.


Buying eco-friendly products: Replace home cleaning products with non-chemical products. LEDs and CFLs instead of conventional bulbs and use recyclable materials.


Living in eco-friendly homes: Make sure that the duplex apartments in Hyderabad in which you are residing are well-equipped with green home materials such as triple-glazed thermos (for windows), replacement of the electric energy with the solar energy, using of thermal roofs, using non-toxic VOC paints, recycled wood, heat-reducing glass panes, environmental-friendly tiles, and implementing greener landscapes that help in protecting you from heat in summers and from coolness in winter. Install and insulate your home with automation systems to manage excess energy consumption.


Maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle: Be a responsible citizen and give hand to eradicate pollution and plastic.









Where we get Eco-friendly homes?


As the real estate industry booming than ever before and all the realtors competing with each other in giving flats in Hyderabad by providing more amenities including green environments.


Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana has already made its mark in developing eco-friendly homes such as ITC -Kohinoor hotel.


Moreover, GHMC has given exemptions from tax and development fees by supporting environmental-friendly buildings.


It has been always the center of attraction in the excellency of any development. It is predicted that there will be a 27% rise in the number of green home developers by 2021. This shows the emerging popularity of green homes in the near future.


No doubt! Hyderabad is going to be a game-changer in the development of green buildings.


If you are looking for a green home in Hyderabad, then you will find several flats that have eco-friendly buildings and surroundings. And out of all the developed areas in Hyderabad, opt for flats for sale in Gachibowli which are equipped with all modern amenities, career opportunities, and all facilities at the doorsteps.


How can we know the homes are green?


You can ask for the builders or realtors of 3bhk flats for sale in Hyderabad for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate which is a rating system for certifying green homes.



What not there that is not offered by the green homes?


“Lay a foundation stone of green home that will turn to the cornerstone of the green climate.”


If you are for the future of the planet, go and live green by availing 5 bhk flats for sale in Hyderabad which are available at affordable prices. Avoid all whatever has the chemical makeover that destroys the environment.


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