Grow Your Business Fast With Kannada Translation Services

May 27


Shruti Tanna

Shruti Tanna

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Are you planning on expanding your business operations in South India? If so, the need to communicate effectively with local clients, partners and customers is essential for your business. This is where our Indian language translation service comes in. To thrive in new markets, it is vital to understand the new market and the prevailing culture. Talking in customers’ language plays an important role in gaining their trust.


Boost Your Business Growth with Kannada Translation Services

Being the highest economic growth states in India,Grow Your Business Fast With Kannada Translation Services Articles Karnataka is the most sought after place to carry business. Karnataka is an investment destination for auto, electronics and textile industries. It is the research and innovation hub of Asia. With such huge potential, it opens up multiple business opportunities. To reach out to new business opportunities in this state, you will need professional Kannada translation services.

People will buy your product only if they understand your brand message. So, to increase customer engagement, you need to create a new marketing strategy that fulfills the expectations of local people in Karnataka.

You will have to translate your business content into the Kannada language to tap the Karnataka market. Finding useful information in native languages, consumers tend to get attracted to the brand. This helps to grab new potential customers as well as build customer trust.

In this way, investment in Kannada translation services can boost your business growth.

Karnataka is one of the highest economic growth states in India with an expected GSDP growth of 8.2% in the 2010-11 fiscal year. (Wikipedia)

5 Fascinating Facts About The Kannada Language

  • Kannada is 2,500 years old language, ranking as the 3rd oldest language after Sanskrit and Tamil.
  • Kannada is a Dravidian language spoke in Karnataka in southwestern India.
  • Native speakers of Kannada language are38 million.
  • It is the only Indian language with the highest number of Jnanapeetha Awards – 8.
  • It is one of the five classical languages of India.

English To Kannada Translation Services

Accuracy and quality play a major role while performing English to Kannada translations. Our native translators provide expert services. In addition to language translation services, they are also specialized in various fields like legal, financial, marketing, medical, e-commerce, manufacturing, engineering and many more. Our professional translators provide high-quality and fast turnaround services.

Expert Kannada Translators can Translate The Following Materials

  1. Website Translation & Localization
  2. Document Translation
  3. Certificate Translation
  4. Audio Translation
  5. Video Translation
  6. Technical Translation
  7. Legal Translation
  8. Content Writing

Professional Kannada Translation Services

Having the assistance of a professional language translation agency can boost your business confidence in multiple countries, and this is something that every growing business can benefit from.

I found Shakti Enterprise to be one such professional language translation service provider, based in Mumbai, India. They provided me with accurate Kannada translations when I needed it the most.

They are a certified Kannada translation service company working with several accredited native-speaking translators.