Guidelines to Prepare Your Ship Before Marine Painting

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with experienced companies the painting is only done in a vicinity of machinery and the power supply is isolated. Additionally, warning notices are put up and the workers are seen to be worn tight fitted customer clothes especially for the painting projects.

Maintaining the structure of your ship solely depends on the how you prepare it to stand in the most extreme temperatures and environments. One of the important factors includes preventive surface preparation with effective coating application. These are available in the best quality and grade with the marine painting supplier. While there are elaborate steps associated with the entire preparation let’s look at few of surface preparation tips.

Understand your budget

It does not make any sense in investing in a low-quality product as it would not last for a long time and would require repairs within few years of its application. Thus,Guest Posting the coating project needs to initiated keeping in mind that it would enable prolonged life and performance of the ship. And you keep this in mind you may be able to decide on a budget that is beneficial.

Planning the entire project

Effective coatings established enhanced life span of the ship thus regardless of the company you plan to hire you to have to ensure that the project is executed in a controlled environment. Additionally, you will have to communicate with the contractor on the materials that he would be using in executing the project.

Temperature and humidity control

Before the painting actually, it is to be ensured that the ship is placed in a dry and ideal temperature

The method used for coating

While there are different qualities of coatings available you may consider the following,

  1. The time period the ship is away from the port

  2. The supplies the vessel carries

  3. What kind of maintenance would be required by the crew

  4. The access to the professional who would be executing the coating work

Good qualities of coatings have the following features,

  1. Faster drying times

  2. Appropriate coating intervals

  3. Accuracy in standby mode post final coatings

There is a lot that you will have to consider and enquire for ensuring that the coatings are appropriate for the vessel. The benefits associated with surface preparation and advanced coating technologies you will be able to,

  1. Consider the annual maintenance without depending on the weather conditions. With the climatic and humidity control technologies there would be any concerns related to the temperature

  2. The temperatures can be adjusted to the lower point dew within the space and thus the maintenance coating will cure faster

  3. Prevention of corrosion, warping, expansion, splitting as well as moisture control to protect the equipment

  4. The coating technologies further enable the project to be completed faster ensuring enhanced production rates, high-class results and fewer downtimes due to weather.

No doubt good surface preparation is absolutely essential for successful painting. One of the most common reasons for many paint failures is an inadequate preparation of the initial materials.  Removal of mill scale is imperative before painting the steel. The most crucial and important methods that are used for steel surface painting includes blast cleaning, pickling, flame cleaning and the preparation by hand.


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