Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder – Advantages of an Integrated System

Mar 11


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Continue reading the article to determine the great advantages of outfitting you with a gym bag with a yoga mat holder.


With the rising number of gym and yoga enthusiasts,Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder – Advantages of an Integrated System Articles the demand of a variety of gym bags as well as yoga mat bags has been skyscraping in recent years. Being a devoted gym enthusiast and dedicated yogi, instead of buying two separate bags and feels bothersome to carry simultaneously, why not consider having a complete solution in the form of a gym bag with a yoga mat holder which has been the latest addition to the industry. Having an integrated system to carry all your essentials for involving in gym and yoga workout sessions comes with 4 top benefits as stated below, which you should consider with diligence.

Ease to Carry

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is that while it enables you to carry all your gym and yoga accessories in the gym bag, its removable holder helps to haul the huge yoga mat without any hassle. Basically, mat holders are made of two straps are found on the exterior part of the gym bag, be it a tote, duffel or backpack that holds the mat in place tightly enabling you to stow the mat while you move forward to gym/yoga center in a relaxing way.


With the increasing popularity of gym bags with yoga mat holders, global manufacturers are prepared to offer you a complete solution, irrespective of you go for a tote bag, buy duffel or consider having a backpack. Depending on the shape, size, and pattern of your gym bag, you can find the mat holder strap on the top of the bag and among its handles or on the frontal part of the body. Accordingly considering your unique requirements, you can choose your most fitting gym bag with heavy-duty mat holders out of their plenty of designs available out there.


Put simply, being a gym and yoga enthusiast, if you buy separately a yoga mat bag apart from your gym bag it would cost you quite more than having a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, which brings you a complete solution. They are made to keep your hands free enabling you to drive your motorcycle, bi-cycle or reach your workout center while walking.

Variety of Styles

Another great plus point of buying a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is their comprehensiveness that enables you to go for the particular type of gym bag according to your needs. Whatever the style of gym bag you consider buying, they are available with a yoga mat holder, as well as compartments and pockets to keep your gym and yoga stuff well organized. Among the popular styles three are

ü  Tote - Tote style gym bag is specially designed for gym and yoga enthusiast women and it has been a staple of feminine activity life. So, before you place order for your tote bag make sure that it has been outfitted with a mat holder to carry your yoga mat. Typically in tote type gym bags, yoga mat strap is mainly found on the top and amid their two handles or shoulder straps.

ü  Duffel – While duffel is widely available in unisex models, its gym mat straps are found underneath the bag which needs to be dragged as holding the trolley and with the help of wheels. If it feels you bit awkward, consider buying models that hold a yoga mat on the top amidst the shoulder straps.

ü  Backpack - The backpack style gym bags are typically carried on the back equipped with heavy-duty shoulder straps. You will find the yoga mat holder on its extreme rear part in the form of a complete holding bag or underneath the backpack with two straps. In some models, the mat holder may be found on a particular side even though; they don’t feel comfortable while carrying.