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Jan 26


Praisy George

Praisy George

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Yoga has become one of the household activities all around the world. People are indulged in yoga as it is the epitome of benefits to their health. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert; there is one thing necessary, and that is Yoga mat.


To do any form of yoga,Yoga Mat Articles it is one of the necessities. You might be intrigued how?? When you are doing yoga, there are some very important things, like grip, stability, pressure on the joints, and many more like this. With the Yoga Mat, a person can get all of these things, but it may vary from one mat to another. So before you decide which yoga mat you want to buy, you must check out your requirements and then select. We will be discussing some of the yoga mats that you can find on Amazon.

Strauss Anti-Skid Yoga mat

Mat has a textured surface on both sides and built to ensure that the buyer has uninterrupted workouts. The anti-slip design makes the mat grip the ground firmly and unmovable to make sure that you, as a buyer, can do yoga, or Pilates, or other exercises safely and without losing any balance. Here are some of the key points of Strauss Anti-Skid yoga mat highlighted by the company:

Mat is made up of non-toxic natural tree rubber, and a super-absorbent microfiber made for recycled materials.
Perfect for outdoor use as well.
It’s lightweight and folding ability makes it perfect for the travelers.
Extra cushioning provides balance and safety while performing yoga.

Brand Villa yoga mat

This yoga mat is anti-skid, which is suitable for yoga, gym workouts, and other flooring exercises as well. Brand Villa yoga mat has been made to comfort the people of all size and shape. The size of the mat is 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, and a thickness of 4 mm. All this makes a perfect size for both men and women. Here are some of the critical features of the bag:

Foam or thickness provides the resilience to keep the balance during yoga or any exercise style.
The material used in it makes it water-resistant, which makes it easy for the buyer to keep it clean.
You will be getting the yoga bag, which makes it easy to transport.
Anti-tearing design makes it durable and prevents it from falling apart.
The only problem that a person has to face is the smell it has, which makes it challenging to do some asanas.


Vellora is an anti-skid mat designed for yoga, gym workout, and flooring exercises. The log size makes it suitable for both men and women. Here are some of the features that make Vellora yoga mat an appropriate option to buy:

Intense grip and anti-slip make it perfect for the moment and ideal for any asana on the mat.
It is easy to care as you can wash it, but you have to make sure that never to keep it in sunlight or hot areas for a long time.
Light weight makes it easy for the user to carry around.
Size and thickness make it suitable for anyone interested in doing yoga.
There are continuous reviews about the product having a chemical smell, which makes it difficult for some asanas. Otherwise, it has proven itself to be one of the best options for people to try out.

BoldFit yoga mat

When we see the features of this yoga mat along with the services provided by the company, then it is perfect. You will not be able to find a better option than this mat. This comfortable yoga mat is 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 6 mm thick. Its thickness makes it convenient for the people who have a spine, hips, knee, or -elbow problem. Some of the features to know about:

-A carry bag is provided so that a person can carry the mat where ever he or she wants. The lightweight makes it an even easier job for a person.
-While performing yoga, one of the main concerns is getting a slip. With the anti-slip mat, this concern can be omitted from the list as well.
-Other benefits are like durability, sweat and water resistance, dual-color mat, smell free, eco-friendly, refundable within ten days, and many others.
-Even though there is no problem with the mat, you might think before buying it, and the reason is overpricing, but it is worth it.

TEGO stance truly reversible yoga mat

When you are performing yoga, then little assurance is required. That is why TEGO has designed this mat for the people who are interested in performing yoga. It has a guide align design, which helps you in performing yoga with ease. It includes a straight line running through the middle, 45-degree references to suit any height or workout style. Some important features:

-Closed-cell construction has been used, which provides the durability to this mat.
-It has high-grade PVC free from lead and six most harmful phthalates.
5mm superior cushioning.
-A good option for the people who are looking mat which makes easy for joints,
-Easy to carry around where ever you want to practice.
-The problem is some of the users have a complaint about the quality and the grip of the mat. Otherwise, it is value for money.

BoldFit yoga mat with NBR material

If you are suffering from any injury or have any joint problem, then you should end your search here. This yoga mat is extra thick in comparison to other mats available in the market. The size is 6 feet long, 2 feet wide but 1/2 inch thick. Its thickness provides all the cushioning required while performing yoga. Some other key features:

-The anti-slip mat offers protection from getting any injury.
-It being water-resistant makes it easy to wash.
-It has a carry strap, and lightweight features add icing on the cake.
-NBR material is used, which is elastic and durable.
-The only problem is the material used in making it is of plastic and makes noise while performing asanas. This kind of problem is not acceptable while performing yoga. As we need complete silence for peace of mind.

Ida Yog Bhoomi Jute Foliage Eco Yoga Mat

Yoga is considered as art, and the best of it can be expected from it when it is done in peace with nature. Most of the yoga mats that we have discussed till now have plastic of one kind or another. But this mat is different from others. As it is made up of natural jute fabric and rubber. So doing yoga on it is connecting with nature only. Some of the key features:

-Jute is anti-microbial, sweat absorbing, and cooling.
-It is best suited for hot yoga, Hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, Iyengar.
-You will be getting the cotton strap with it.
-The non-toxic and natural rubber base provides enough cushioning for comfortable practice.
-The problem with it is the weight it has 2.3 kg and the price, which is quite high in comparison to the traditional yoga mats that you can find on Amazon.


By considering all the performance and reviews, we conclude that the best options are – BoldFit Yoga Mat or Ida Yog Bhoomi Jute Foliage Eco Yoga Mat. The reason for selecting the Ida Yog mat is that it is made of jute, which connects us to the environment. Whereas the BoldFit yoga mat is anti-tear, anti-slip, and an extra cushioning eco-friendly yoga mat. So do tell us which yoga mat you like and why?