Hi Tech Gadgets Trends: 10 Must Have Green Gadgets That Are Good For The Environment And Your Pocket

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Going green is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the world of hi tech gadgets. Read below to see where we are currently at, where we are going, and how this can make you some great money.

One of the main movements in modern times is the growing concern for the environment. Around the world,Guest Posting people see and grow aware of the negative environmental effects of carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases. These harmful emissions caused by their use and misuse of energy resources from fossil fuels like oil and its byproducts.

This growing green consciousness is slowly affecting people's shopping habits, many of whom now prefer to choose green and energy efficient appliances. With this becomes more and more environmentally friendly or green gadgets coming out of the market that features the latest in technology that are not only innovative, but is also safe for the environment. The following describes 10 of the top green hi tech gadgets that can help you save money and the planet.

* Solar Charger

Solar chargers are environmentally friendly ways to charge cell phones and other tech gadgets using the power of the sun. Instead of USB cables connected to a computer or an outlet adapter, solar panels are used instead that would be NOK to generate NOK watts to charge your gadgets. Just make sure that the plug or adapter for these solar chargers are compatible with your gadgets.

* LED Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs or CFLs have a buzz a few years ago as more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to standard incandescent bulbs and fixtures. LED lights are now coming out in the market that are more energy efficient and uses only half the energy required by compact fluorescent bulbs. Not only that, LEDs are more environmentally friendly because they contain no mercury typical of CFL bulbs, and they emit only a negligible amount of CO2.

* LED grow lights

Plants are known to grow better with a light source, but to turn these lights for a longer period may not be economical and will emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases cumulatively. Using your LED grow lights would be more eco-friendly and economical as they consume only a fraction of the energy required by standard lamps. These LED grow lights come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose products that would fit well in your gardens.

* Solar Backpacks

Wouldnt it be cool to have a stylish backpack that you can carry with you everywhere you go while you charge your cell phones and other gadgets at the same time? These backpacks are compact and lightweight and comes in various colors and trimmings that would fit your style and preferences. Bag and the built-in solar panels are waterproof and designed for conditions in the beautiful nature that makes them great for camping and hiking.
* Water Powered Clock

Imagine a gadget that can help you keep track of time and runs only on water and a dash of salt C without the need for batteries! This amazing desk accessories are not only safe for the environment, but they are pretty nice too and comes in different colors and patterns that would fit well with your style and taste.

* Battery Chargers

There are now new, innovative but environmentally friendly ways to charge your mobile devices and similar gadgets without the need for plug-in to an outlet. A type charger allows you to pull on a rope that is attached to a small flywheel that generates up to 5 watts of electricity. Other chargers have a mechanism loop charge that can be attached to an electric bicycle allows you to recharge yourself while using it.

* USB Battery

Alkaline batteries use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, so it would be better to use rechargeable batteries instead of running all your technical stuff. USB batteries take this a step higher by incorporating a built-in charger that can run even with the small 250 mA current of a Universal Serial Bus.

* Wood Headphones

Want an innovative, but eco-friendly way to listen to your favorite music? Three headphones are great green gadgets for this purpose as they are free from polluting PVC and makes use of recycled wood. It's compatible with most MP3 players, computers, iPhone, iPods, and CD   DVD players and provides clear, high quality sound.

* Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboard is good and convenient tools to add to your computer accessories, but with solar-powered version would be good for the environment because they have no need of chemically laden batteries and harness clean energy directly from the sun. This innovative keyboard that runs on 2.4 4 GHz wireless technology comes in a recyclable box and is completely free from environmental pollutants PVC material.

* Kill-A-Watt Monitor Wireless Carbon Footprint Meter

Planning a green office or home? The Kill-A-Watt Wireless Monitor Carbon Footprint Meter can help you to calculate and monitor your energy usage per day, week, month or even up to a year. These devices effectively to do this effectively within a wireless range of 300 meters and provides data in the different units of measurement.

Technology has helped to ease the lives of people for years, however, people's use of technology resulted in serious environmental consequences. Now it's the same technology is coming out with high-tech gadgets that are both innovative and environmentally friendly. Keep these green gadgets can give you a jump start in protecting the environment , and you can start with this top ten trends.

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