Hi Tech Gadgets Warnings: What You Need To Know About Drop-shipping And Holidays

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If you are just starting your online drop shipping business then you are going to need to know the major international holidays to avoid angry customers. Read below for the full scoop.

There was a time when more than 80 percent of companies do not drop ship to destinations outside the United States. This has created some opportunities for dropship resellers who want to earn a living by selling online. If,Guest Posting however, the influx of dropship wholesale from China changed as the company ships to almost anywhere in the world to drop prices for high-tech gadgets that have never even heard of before.

More and more suppliers from China, supplying high quality products that are on par with many branded versions but are still sold at unbelievably low wholesale prices even in small quantities, which gives retailers a great opportunity to profit well from their online shops and product lists. With the broad range of products equipped with the latest gadget technologies, you'll never run out of hot items to sell online.

Drop Shipping and international holidays

But there is also another great opportunity for retailers to have when sourcing out products from China, and it is clear in the course of western holidays such as Christmas or Easter. In seasons like this, the demand for high-tech gadgets at their peak, but retailers would have a hard time sourcing out suppliers locally that most of these companies also also go on vacation during this period. Chinese dropship suppliers, however not influenced by western vacation and would continue to deliver products in these periods  right when they needed these items the most.

Resellers But as you will encounter potential problems that are even more dangerous if the situation is turned the other way and you're faced with a Chinese holiday, and  are awaiting orders to wait for delivery. During the Chinese holidays, the factories and companies including your dropship wholesalers have no work and will not be able to ship and deliver orders for a particular cut-off period.

This can lead to huge delays in product deliveries  results in customer complaints and negative feedback on your online profile. What's worse is that this can lead to serious consequences for your DSR or Detailed Seller Ratings on eBay. These negative effects will affect your TRS or Top Rated Seller status, discounts on eBay fees your search ranking and ultimately your status on eBay.

The low rating of 4.3 3 on the DSR for a period of 30 days, you will receive certain sanctions. If you select the ratings continue to fall and fall below 4.1 1 within this period, then your ability to sell are suspended. If you choose just out and still have low sales volume, only a few buyers to low ratings would prove to be disastrous for your eBay business.
Prevent damage to the Seller profile

The major holidays in China are listed below. Note that some dates are not fixed, so it would be best to confirm the actual dates from suppliers.

Holiday                              Date                                                 Duration
New Year                           January 1                                           1 day
Chinese New Year             1st Day of 1st Lunar Month (Feb)        12 days
Qingming Festival              5th Solar Term (April)                           1 day
Workers’ Day                     May 1                                                   1 day
Dragon Boat Festival         5th day of 5th lunar month (June)        1 day
Mid-Autumn Festival          15th day of 8th lunar month (Sep)       1 day
National Day                       October 1                                            3 to 5 days

Knowing these dates accurately and confirmation from your dropship suppliers, their cut-off dates before the holidays, will help you plan and take the necessary steps to prevent negative feedback from your customers is in the first place. You can stock up on your best selling products so you can inventory to also supply during the holidays.

You can also provide information and communicate with buyers about your problem so you have no recourse but to add additional shipping days for goods ordered. That way you can minimize the risk of getting negative feedback loops of proper communication with the customer and let them know about the situation in advance.

As with any business good communication is the key to doing business online, especially for a retailer that you order products from dropship wholesalers from China. You can not control public holidays and periods working in other countries but you can take steps in advance to avoid getting negative feedback.

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