How A Collaborative Workspace is Bedrock of Innovation

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Among the ocean of startups in the world, many have laid their foundation in a garage, a room or coworking space. Here are the stories of some of the startups that laid their brick in coworking space.

Coworking space are not just about sharing the cost and infrastructure but also about belonging to a community. Coworking spaces are designed to provide constructive and collaborative surroundings. It introduces a new way of working and sharing. Such shared office allows you to socialize with members of other organisations.

Perks of using Collaborative / Coworking spaces

The most commonly known perquisite of collaborative workspaces is networking,Guest Posting which people won't get they are working in traditional offices. Apart from this, in coworking spaces like iKeva, they conduct several events to entertain and enhance the interaction among the members of the community. Events happen every passing week in their coworking space in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

If you are a freelancer or a team or a start-up looking for a committed space, shared offices allow you to pay only for the space you need. Along with which built-in amenities like internet connectivity, housekeeping, necessary furniture are provided.

When working from home, then you might not follow a constant working schedule which in turn may affect your work-life balance. By opting for a coworking space you can escape this threat.

From a study, it is found that people working from a collaborative workspace thrive more when compared to those working from the traditional office. And it is also said that by interacting with people who have different skillsets, it helps them to generate new ideas and increasing productivity.

 Famous companies that started in collaborative workspaces



The start-ups primarily prefer coworking spaces because of networking. In this collaborating workspace, start-ups will have a chance to encounter freelancers or other start-ups who might be potential clients or partners in their projects. Let's look into some companies which started in a collaborative workspace and now emerged as successful companies, to appreciate collaborative workspace for providing a base for innovation.


Uber a world-famous transport services application, started in a coworking space with 8 members in 2011.  Now, it is operating in 80 countries and still have teams actively using coworking spaces.


This tech start-up started its journey in a coworking space called Rocket Space. Today Spotify has reached greater heights with 159 million active users and has an estimated valuation of $8 billion.


Indiegogo, an enormous crowdfunding website aids many ideas to get funded every day. Now it is operating in 223 countries and was able to raise more than $80 million. The founder of Indiegogo has mentioned that without the support of the coworking space it would not have achieved this. 


It was started in 2011 with the aspiration to bridge the market gap for travellers, which is to make travelling feasible for everyone. This start-up also started its journey in a coworking space, now Wanderfly was bought by TripAdvisor.

 Workspace fosters Innovation

 "Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up."

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is recognized that human creativity is the bedrock of innovation, but only this is insufficient. The actual progress comes from people doing hard work of innovation and mixing up their ideas with insights and out of box thinking. In addition to these employees need a good leader and a place that supports innovation to arrive at a brilliant solution.

People have to interact with others to share their ideas or opinions. Collaboration is the key to success, Coworking space helps in creating an environment for employees to socialize which results in fostering innovation. Thus, start-ups are benefited by coworking spaces not only in terms of cost and time but also by providing a surrounding that enhances innovation thereby supporting them to achieve success.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller


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