How Can Your Customers Create Wedding Cards with Custom Product Designer?

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If you have an online wedding card store, then your wedding card design software must offer these important benefits to let your customers get their card design right.

Amidst the ordinary life that we live,Guest Posting there is one day that feels like a fairytale. And that is the wedding day! The couple that is about to get married and their family members do all that it takes to make the wedding perfect. One of the biggest aspects of planning a wedding is to create a wedding card. Since modern weddings are about personalization, the couples often prefer to design their card based on their choice or wedding theme.

If you sell wedding cards online, do not expect people to buy from you unless you enable them to create a wedding card on their own. Having a custom product designer integrated to your website makes all the difference! Using it, your customer can design a wedding card from the scratch and place an order with you.

Let us understand how your customers can create wedding cards using your product customization software:

Select a Wedding Theme:

As the first creative step; the bride/bridegroom always decide upon the theme for the wedding. This is because the theme they select sets the tone for the entire wedding; right from the invitation cards to the venue. It begins with choosing the colors and hues that would suit to the theme. Lavender, light yellow, Turquoise, Pink and Purple are the most popular and chosen shades. But you can choose to provide your customer with a huge color template and enable them to choose the one they want for their wedding card. You can also provide them with the contrast shade for the card background or cover.

Place a Quote

Couples like to place poems, quotes, and sayings in their wedding cards. “Save the date” is a very commonly used quote in wedding cards. Through a quote creator in your custom product designer, you can enable your customers to select from the given bunch of quotes or create one themselves. You can also provide them with font options to place their quote. With the help of it, they can decide how the quote will look on the cards. You can give options like Curved, Bold, Italics and Outlining font options.

Upload Images

A well-created background with the image of couple in the center is a lot in trend these days. Now, you might not have the image that the couple is willing to use. But, you can let them upload the photograph from their device. Before you provide with a facility like this one, you must ensure that your product designer tool is compatible with different file formats. This makes it easy for your customers to work around your software and for you to print the final output you receive. If you can ensure that your tool is mobile responsive and enables your customers to upload pictures from their mobile gallery or social media; nothing like it!

Option to Save

Let us say if the couple is jointly involved in making a card. Or what if they want suggestions from their family and do not design the card at once? During such times, they might want to save the design and come back later. Through the “save design” feature of your product customization software, the couple can save the design. Couples that are about to get married often keep busy with other tasks. An option like this one makes their task easy and stress-free. After they are done designing the card, you can also give them a preview of the card.

Weddings are a precious and the most memorable part of anyone’s life. If you are an ecommerce store owner, make it special for your customer through a wedding card custom product designer tool. Happy selling!

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