Tips to Boost the Order Value of Your Web-to-Print E-store

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In order to boost sales, business owners often get busy executing complicated marketing plans and attracting new visitors. However, they tend to forget that all they need to do is increase the average order value of their e-store


“I have chosen one of the best online web-to-print solutions but things hardly moving.” This is a common complain that we get to hear from web-to-print store owners who have integrated a product designer tool to their website but are not able to make the most out of it. Well,Guest Posting it is important to know the average order value of your storefront as the first step. And it is nothing but the average currency amount spent every time a customer places an order on your e-store. If you want to calculate your company’s order value, you just need to divide your total revenue by the amount of orders you have received.

In order to boost sales, business owners often get busy executing complicated marketing plans and attracting new visitors. However, they tend to forget that all they need to do is increase the average order value of their e-store. When it comes to boosting the AOV, several factors are responsible; including the country, culture, environment, trends of personalization etc. So, how do you boost the average order value of your ecommerce store? Here are some tips from the experts.

Cross Sell and Upsell

Cross selling and upselling are the most popular ways to boost the value of orders. As a part of cross-selling, you can promote the other products on your store. For example, if your customer purchases a customized laptop skin, you can offer a customized mobile skin as a combo offer. Now, even if the person is not looking for a mobile skin cover at that moment and if you offer discount, they might consider buying it.

As a part of upselling, you can get customers to buying a high-end product so that you can have a better sale. Apart from that, you can also simply display other products that are available on your store that your customers might not have chosen to buy. You can keep showcasing these products until the customers sign out with the caption “You also might like to customize…” Be flexible with your orders and you are sure to crack some good deals.

Give Away Rewards on Bulk Orders

You can provide discount on bulk purchase of the same product and also consider the same when they customize the other products. But it gets a little tricky here. You should not be in a loss by giving an offer like this one. So, find out about the right discount value that will attract your customers but do not compromise on your profit margins. In case you feel that you might incur losses, you can also offer free shipping on bulk order or discount on repeated bulk orders.

Offer Corporate Membership and Accounts

If you own an online stationery business, you are sure to have many corporate clients visiting your store. In such a scenario, you can create a customer club wherein you provide discounts for special events, coupons, newsletters etc. Also, you can give away free membership of clubs for every 3 referrals so that the awareness about your print e-store spreads amongst the right audiences and you get more orders. Do not forget to ask your permanent customers to provide you with testimonials so that you can display them on your website.

Loyalty Programs and Competitions

According to a study conducted in USA, loyal customers make up to nearly 70% of total sales. If it has been over a couple of years since you launched your website, you are sure to have some loyal customers. And you must return the favor of purchasing with you. So, consider offering your customers with a loyalty card or gift vouchers as a part of your loyalty program. This is sure to bring you repeated orders and boost your average order value.

Apart from that, you can also hold designing competitions and give away prizes to the customers who came up with the best customized design for their products. Announce your winners on your social media pages and gather more likes.


Increasing average orders through the above given tips isn’t easy. What works for others might not work for you. So, you need to keep testing and try to know what suits for your web-to-print shop. If you have more insights about the same, feel free to share with us.

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