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A basic look at the UK office envelope options, including an overview of sizes, types and sealing styles. This article will aid selecting the correct style of envelope and also provide information on alternatives and value for money brands.

Envelope Sizes:

The most basic envelope sizes are based around A4 paper size and A4 paper that can be folded,Guest Posting these are:

  • C4 – 324 x 229mm (12 3/4” x 9”) – will hold A4 sheet unfolded.
  • C5 – 229 x 162mm (9” x 6 3/8”) – will hold A4 folded once or an A5 sheet unfolded.
  • C6 – 114 x 162mm (4 1/2” x 6 3/8”) – will hold A4 sheet folded twice or A5 sheet folded once.
  • DL – 110 x 220mm (4 1/3” x 8 3/8”) – will hold A4 sheets folded twice

Envelope Styles:

The three main styles are:

  • Pocket envelopes – featuring a small fold over flap with the opening along the short edge of the envelope.
  • Wallet envelopes – featuring a small fold over flap with the opening along the long edge of the envelope.
  • Banker envelopes – featuring a triangular folding flap along the long edge of the envelope (commonly associated with greeting cards).

Envelope Sealing Method:

The three most common used seals are:

  • Gummed – require moisture to be applied to the adhesive on the flap and then press down to seal.
  • Press seal – flap and envelope have adhesive which just needs to be pressed together.
  • Peel and seal – has removable strip which reveals a line of self adhesive glue which holds the envelope flap down.

Specialist Envelopes:

Gusset Envelopes – This type of envelope has expandable sides allowing for thicker items such as catalogues to be mailed

Padded Envelopes – Good for sending fragile items and items that need to be protected during transit. The walls of the envelope enclose either a laminated bubble lining, or shredded recycled paper lining.

Board Backed Envelopes – Strong envelopes with a manilla board backing. Useful for sending important documents that need to remain flat and uncreased during transit.

Indestructible / Tear Resistant Envelopes – These strong but very light envelopes are made from an extremely durable material, such as Tyvek©. This material makes the envelope tear, burst and water-resistant and a useful option for sending important documents through the mail.


Value for Money and Branded Envelopes:


Plus Fabric and New Guardian are two of the UK brand leaders for buying envelopes online and through office supplies companies, but if cheap envelopes are sought then it is well worth considering the private label products and in particular, 5 star envelopes. This private label range has envelopes priced significantly under its branded rivals and still offers both value for money and acceptable quality standards.

If you need more information or would like to purchase some of the above discount envelopes that we carry please feel free to visit our Office Needs Direct web site or contact us with your questions on 0845 2263313.

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