How To Choose The Best Tin Pin For The Occasion

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Why do you think that tie pins are only for special occasions and corporate meetings? Why do you think that’ it should be saved only for the special day or for dealing special clients or for attending a party?

Is there any time or place to look like a gentleman? Well there isn’t. A gentleman is a gentleman wherever he is. If you have a beard you will shave it clean to look your best,Guest Posting and similarly if you are wearing a tie, you must have appropriate tie clips with it to look your best.

The apt tie pin for your purpose

The best tie pin for you would be the one which suits the purpose. There is no point wearing metal colored tie bars for going to fancy parties, when you may match a tinted metal color or some solid color funky style with your cool party shirt. This is the mood when you are in a party or off with friends.

But then again when this party is someone’s wedding, baby shower or something like that, then you have to be choosy and picky with your tie pin. You must try shiny metal colors as per your shirt and suit color. Gold and steel colors, rose gold, copper or bronze color, steel grey, and platinum white etc, are some such metal finishes which looks great in every party. You may wear the same when you are off for a date, and need to impress your girl. Stone studded tie bars adds to the look party and festive look, and hence you can try it.

Business and corporate meetings demand a more smarter and official look. Stone studs and extra luster should be avoided here, and a smarter matte shine effect giving tie pin should be chosen, so that your looks and presence are not submerged by the shiny tie pin.

How to choose a nice tie pin?

The best way to choose a tie pin is by understanding your occasion. If you want to have tie clips for all occasions then you will have to choose selectively and keep a stock of a few varieties. You should have a neutral metal color, a gold color and a shining silver finish tie pin. You should also have some other colors, some matte pins, some shimmer effect ones, etched designs and stone studded pins. Having all such designs will complete your wardrobe to match with just any attire.

How to avoid the common mistake

One common mistake often men do is wearing a tie pin which is broader than the tie. Now you know it well that ties differ in breadth. Some are narrow, some standard wdth and some are broader. You know your wardrobe the best, and know what kind of ties you wear the most. Hence the choice of tie bars should be on you. The length of the tie bar should not cross the breadth of the tie in any way. When you buy all your tie pins with this parameter in mind you are all set with your tie pin collection to look your best.

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