How To Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6000?

Jan 4


Austin parker

Austin parker

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In this article, you will get information about QuickBooks Error 6000 that why it's occurred, and how to troubleshoot it. For more information and get the latest update about QuickBooks Software, stay connected with us.


There are various errors that are related to the company files issues in the QuickBooks application. The 6000 series errors generally fall into the category of company files errors. One such error is the QuickBooks Error Code 6000. This error obstructs the users to open or access the company files stored in the QuickBooks database. 

There are other errors of similar category such as QuickBooks Error 6000 -83 and QuickBooks Error 6000 -77. These errors make the user unable to access their company files due to many technical and non-technical reasons. 

What are the Reasons for the QuickBooks Error Code 6000?

The following are the reasons for the QuickBooks error code 6000:

  • It can be possible that the firewall, How To Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6000? Articles anti-virus, or any other third-party security software is restricting the servers to reach.
  • The file that is present in the QuickBooks database is damaged or corrupted.
  • You might not have completely installed the QuickBooks application file.
  • The .ND (Network Data) and .TLG (Transaction Log) file is damaged or corrupted.
  • The company file that you are trying to access might be corrupted or damaged.
  • You have wrongly configured the network connection on your device.
  • There is a possibility of this occurring when a user is trying to restore a prior backup of the company files.

How to Identify the QuickBooks Error Code 6000?

The following are the signs and symptoms of the QuickBooks error code 6000:

  • An error message will flash on your computer screen along with an error code mentioned like this: “QuickBooks Error Code 6000 occurred: QuickBooks is not able to open your company files.”
  • The system crashes down frequently whenever the error occurs.
  • Your QuickBooks application will freeze for a few minutes within a specific period of time.
  • The windows inputs such as the mouse and keyboard will respond very sluggishly. In rare cases, windows will completely become unresponsive.
  • The error message will continuously pop-up on your desktop screen.

Solutions of the QuickBooks Error Code 6000

Below given are the solutions that help in resolving the QuickBooks error code 6000:

Solution 1: Running the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

  • Go to the Intuit official site.
  • Download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool on your desktop.
  • After that, run the tool in your system.
  • For this, grant the tool the necessary permissions.
  • This tool will scan your computer and resolve the error.
  • Reboot your computer and restart to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 2: Fix the .ND and .TLG file

  • Open the QuickBooks application and go to the destination where all the company files are saved.
  • Search for the .ND and .TLG file extensions files.
  • Change the name of these files.
  • Remove the .ND and .TLG file extensions and replace them with the .OLD extension.
  • Refresh and try to open your company files.

In Conclusion:

The above article is based on the information regarding How to Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6000. Consult the QuickBooks Error Support experts for technical guidance and professional help on this number: +1- 877- 349- 3776.

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