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It is always diffiult to search and hire the best talent. The article discusses about the factors to consider when hiring the best talent.

The growth of any organisation is dependent on the quality of human resources at their disposal. It is the reason most companies will fall back upon their meagre human resources personnel to scout for the elusive top performers. Given that it is a job seeker’s market,Guest Posting it becomes challenging for HR personnel to singlehandedly find out the talent necessary to fill in the shoes of the greats in the organisation. And that too within a short time.

The manpower supply gap across the UAE is not going to lessen any time soon. The pressure on the HR team to search for the top talent is going to stay. Hence, they try to lean on the renowned manpower supply companies in UAE.In this article, we will delve into some of the ways to attract the best talent to your company.

Modify your corporate culture

Of late, the HR teams are working together to ensure that the best talent does not leave the organisation. You will need to mould your culture so that your employees are treated with consideration and respect at all times. The senior management should show path with their exemplary leadership skills and set the pace down the hierarchical structure.

Reorganise your hiring metrics

You would need to ensure that the customer-facing employees undergo a rigorous grind. In the healthcare and hospitality industry, the performance of the front desk personnel goes a long way in ensuring client satisfaction. If required, the hiring parameters needs to be reorganised. The candidates need to score high on the metrics to be offered a job.

Now, to the major pointers that need special care.

Write impacting job descriptions

Research shows that while 61% of job seekers are interested in the compensation, at least 49% of them are interested in the job details. The reason for writing job descriptions in a way to increase the number of targeted resumes increase. While it may be difficult for your HR team to devote their time on recruitment activities, this is where you may take the help of any of the manpower recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Talent pipeline needs to be built

One of the best ways to get a job is to fall back on the connects. Similarly, recruiters also need to fall back on the experts when it comes to recruiting talent. Apart from having a robust employee referral programme, it is also essential to have a team of external agencies to help you with providing a train of prospective job applicants who could fit the bill.

Utilise social media

Social media can also provide you with a pool of suitable candidates for that open position. Your team should be active enough to post the job profiles at very short notice. Please note that these profiles should be written tactically than those in any job portal. According to TalentLyft, around 73% of millennials had their last job offer through a social media site.


You need to remember that you are selling your company as a brand to the candidates for the open position. You will need to flaunt the HR processes that you are so proud. Also, ensure that the job description stands about amongst the clutter. You may connect with us– we are among the top HR consultancy in Dubai.

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