How to choose your HR consultancy in UAE

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You must have someone to help you with the mundane HR activities while you focus on your core. We will discuss about some of the points you must take note of when selecting your HR consultancy

The job description of the inhouse human resources team has changed immensely through the years. Gone are the days of repetitive tasks of employee payroll,Guest Posting filing regulatory details and recruitment. The HR function is more about employee development and handling relations with the HR consultancy. Given the growing need to outsource some of the HR functions to focus on the core, it becomes necessary to work with a HR consultancy in UAE.

So, can you work with any such consultancy? Or, do you plan your approach for a long-term association? You would obviously opt for the latter. It is beneficial to have an ongoing relationship with like minded people who can help you when you need them the most. In this article, we will discuss some of the pointers that you should look into while scouting for manpower supply companies in UAE.

Experience counts

You always look forward to seasoned professionals when recruiting for the top positions in your organisation. So, why not while choosing your HR partner. You would wish to go to a rank rookie to help you in your recruitment services. Ideally, you should opt for one who has considerable in working with clients in your industry. Also, you need to know about the quality of resumes that they have at their disposal. It will help you when you have to recruit for a position at a very short notice.

Check out their credentials

Like the adage goes – testimonials always help. It will help you to siphon off the fake ones. Apart from doing a thorough research about the agency, you will also need to ask for their client list and the services offered to these clients. You can also request for references to cross check with the clients about the quality of services offered.

The management teams

The senior team of any organisation is one of the key factors while finalising a deal. The experience of the senior team provides direction during tough times. Also, their experience is critical when there are major personnel issues in your organisation. Also, they can help you during any government inspections or undertake audits for you.

The hiring policy

You should also understand the hiring policy of the consultant. While manpower supply in UAE is easy, it all boils down to the quality of manpower. It is better than you understand the qualifications of the different levels of employees in your partner. Always request for the resume of the account manager to ensure that the person is capable of comprehending the various issues that are prevalent in your industry.

Updation levels

Given that labour regulations change over time, your partner should be updated regularly with any changes in law that could affect your operations. They should also be updated about the HR best practices and core areas of development necessary in your organisation. You need to choose an agency that is abreast in research, networking and leadership.


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