How to Make Money with Wholesale Watches

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Wholesale Watches are a wonderful product to sell at wholesale or retail prices. You could even start your Wholesale Distribution Business selling Wholesale Watches.

You can make money,Guest Posting a lot of money with wholesale watches. You can even create a business around it. As a matter of fact that, if you are thinking of any kind of watch business you’ll need to buy them at wholesale watches, so you will be in the “Wholesale Watch Business”.

Now, let’s talk about how you can Make Money with Wholesale Watches. You can make money around different types of watches at different prices depending on what you like and what you can buy. Maybe you like high end watches and you have a supplier, maybe you prefer to sell high quantities of inexpensive watches that you buy for around $2. It’s all up to you and the type of business you want.

There are even many ways to sell those watches. You can sell them to stores, to other wholesalers or distributors and you can also sell them directly to the end user.

I’ve sold watches in different ways at different parts of my life. The first time I sold watches I was about 20 years old. I got a small lot of watches at a good price and I sold them to a very small watch repair shop in San Diego, California. I only had a handful of watches and I doubled my money. Now, I did not really like walking form one business to the next offering low end watches so the next time I stumbled into some watches I did it differently.

A few years ago I had a distribution business with several salespeople. My salespeople serviced convenience stores with novelties and I had the idea of selling watches to those accounts. I went to a big trade show in Las Vegas and purchased a few cases of watches.

My salespeople went to the stores and offered those watches to the accounts and, success. There where an easy sell even when selling them to gas stations and liquor stores. There where very inexpensive watches but I managed to double or triple my money with every sell by still leaving enough money so the retailer could do the same.

These are just two ways I sold watches, you can use many other ways, let me give you a final example of how I sold watches on eBay.

I noticed that the same watches I was selling to my retail store customers where selling on eBay at “wholesale prices”. Only there were not really wholesale prices, they were expensive. I decided to start selling my watches on eBay at through wholesale prices and in bulk. My customers where retail stores, wholesalers, other people selling on eBay. I also got many customers that used the watches as giveaways or promotions.

Now, how much did I sell? About $20,000 per month. Yes, this may sound like a lot of money but I think watches can sell much more. I sold low priced Chinese Made watches for about $3 each, most of the time I sold a few case of 30 or 40 watches.

There are many ways you can sell watches and many ways to make money with them. There are many ways of selling watches of any price range. You could sell them from home to friends and family, to retail stores, on the internet, by mail order, and many others.

How you decide to start selling watches will depend on your personality, your time and your investment. If you want to start selling Rolexes or Omega watches you’ll need more than a couple of hundred bucks. On the other hand if you are selling low cost watches a couple of hundred bucks is all you need.

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