How To Prevent Insects From Breeding Inside Carpets?

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Carpets serve us a lot. But,Guest Posting if not maintained properly then we might have to serve it. Nowadays everything has become an item of a trend. We focus more on whether it matches the wall or the floor more than focusing on whether it will serve the purpose with a professional carpet cleaner. We often do not think about the future of it like, how do we clean it? Or, where do we store it? 

While buying carpets it is easy to go for the most attractive ones but always keep in mind to go for the ones that are easy to clean and store while it will serve you for the fullest. 

Carpets are of numerous varieties. They come in many forms from all parts of the world. But, buying a woolen carpet in a hot and humid place is just a waste of time and money. Since it is not suitable for the climate, you might have to spend hours to clean and take care of it. 

Also, carpets stand a high chance of getting spoilt because they lie very conveniently on the floor and are the target of spilled food and drinks. If you have kids at home, then it is even harder. Kids run around and play. They bring all sorts of stuff from outside and they put it on the carpet and obviously they spill food. Pets are also a reason for damaged carpets. Cats scratch the carpets and pull out the threads. They might shed hair and also if your pet is not potty trained properly they might even leave their feces on the carpet which will be the worst thing to clean.

Another important matter to notice is that carpets are usually very thick and are made out of some hard fibers. It is warm and is also capable of retaining moisture. Which, is why it is a perfect place for microbes and insects to breed. This can get hazardous when left with no control. They might spread everywhere and at last, we might have to bring in bug exterminators.

To really prevent that from happening, here are a few steps to prevent insects from breeding in the carpet.

Methods To Prevent Insect Breeding In Carpets.

Things Needed

  • Detergent
  • Naphthalene balls
  • Insecticides
  • Coldwater/ice cubes


  1. Regular cleaning

Prevention is better than cure. Regular cleaning for carpet disinfection and washing will prevent insect breeding. It will also remove the eggs of moths. Moths and other insects prefer to lay eggs in warm spots that is why carpets are the targets.

To wash the carpets, use regular laundry detergent and water. If the material is capable of machine-wash then go for it. It will save time and effort. Dry cleaning is also an option for some deep cleansing. After washing makes sure that the carpets are completely dry. Put them out in the sun and hang them where there is enough ventilation. Wash the carpets at least once every two months.

       2. Using naphthalene balls

After washing the carpet, use naphthalene balls to prevent carpets from hosting insects. Naphthalene balls are available in drug stores. Powdered forms are most preferred as they will go deep into the bristles of the carpets and prevent breeding from the roots.

       3.Using insecticides

Use the insecticides that you use around the house. You can also use ant spray. After carpet sanitization, the carpets thoroughly, spray and spray at the corners. Remember that you have to step on the mat with your bare skin so make sure you spray very little.

       4. Using cold water

Freezing cold water will prevent the insect eggs from hatching because hatching requires heat. Pour freezing cold water on to the carpet or drop a few ice cubes on top of it. Or you can soak the carpet in a tub of cold water. After the cold water treatment, you need to get rid of the eggs because this only terminates hatching. For getting rid of the eggs follow the cleaning methods. 

        5.Switching carpets

Buy two carpets and use one while the other one is at the wash So that you are not left without a carpet because they take a lot of time to dry. Also, use a lighter carpet in summer when you don’t require a thick warm one. This way you can protect them and prevent insect attacks.


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These above methods will help you maintain clean carpets. If a carpet is too much infected by insects, then just get rid of it because it might spread to other places and fabrics. If the condition is a bit hard to handle, then consult our carpet cleaning Adelaide. They will reach you soon.


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