How To Save Energy Using Retrofit Chiller Doors

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Are you looking for an exceptional solution that will help you to achieve massive energy savings for your retail business or outlet? Then, you don’t need to worry at all! Chiller doors are verified to be the most unrivaled solution to reduce energy costs on refrigerated Multideck cabinets and cold rooms.

When it comes to the refrigeration equipment,Guest Posting energy efficiency is one of the things that is on the top of the list because these units are the biggest consumers of electricity. By having retrofit sliding glass doors installed, you can really have a positive impact on the energy consumption and the running cost. Moreover, these chiller doors can also have a helpful effect on the safety of the products. You can increase your savings and also increase the customer appeal by replacing the old doors with the new retrofit doors.


Retrofitting chiller doors to open cases greatly helps in plummeting air-loss of up to sixty to eighty percent which ultimately leads to massive energy savings. With chiller doors installed in your refrigerated cabinets, you are just doing load reduction, which at the end cause system energy savings. When it comes to the food retail outlet, it uses energy-intensive applications. For instance, a typical superstore consumes 2 to 3 million kWh per year and refrigeration equipment are the biggest consumers, which is equivalent to 50 per cent of the total energy used.


The main reason behind increased energy consumption in refrigerated equipment is the spillage of cold air due to opening doors. Then, the unit requires extra refrigeration energy and ambient reheat. In most of the retail stores, almost fifty percent of the display units are open and ultimately retailers beat heavy energy bills. Are you one of them? Then, don’t waste your time and chiller doors on your appliances today and saves heavily on energy costs.


You could turn your simple doors into hinged doors by installing chiller, which will open outwards towards the client or sliding. When you have hinged doors, it is very important to have sufficient space because when you open doors it will cover 40cm space. If you have less space present in your store, then you should apply sliding doors.

If you really think that chiller doors will upgrade your store, then you should quickly decide whether you want to retrofit your existing chillers or want to install new chiller doors. Eventually, it really depends on how old your equipment is. If you had bought your chiller about eight years back, then you should change the whole case.

Following are some of the types of chiller doors from which you can select;

1. Waterproof chiller doors

These chiller doors are 100% waterproof. It is essential for commercial chillers to be waterproof and weather resistant. As we all know that commercial environment is not very smooth so the chiller has to be strong enough to survive in every type of environment. Usually, these doors are very strong and long-lasting.

2. Double glazed glass

Double glazed glass is excellent at keeping the inner temperature of the retrofit chiller doors. They didn’t let the cold air get away. They usually have good, compelling gaskets, due to which chillers become air tight.

3. Cut down on energy bills

Power consumption is known as the most important aspect in the success of business. These doors are considered to be the best option if you really wish to decrease your power consumption. If anyone wants to earn more profits, then he should reduce the electricity bills.                    

4. Ultraviolet resistant

Chiller doors are UV resistant, which means they didn’t let the destructive sun rays to enter inside and ruin the food products. Even if the chiller is placed in a direct sunlight, it is still not harmful to store food.

5. Reduce condensation

The chiller glass doors are known as the best way to reduce the condensation in chillers. Condensation is actually a process that takes place when moist air meets with the cold surface. These doors help in avoiding this situation to take place because; it could impact in a negative way on the frame of the doors plus the stored food products. In the middle of the two glasses the gas that is present, which help in solving the problem of condensation and due to its food remain safe. For all those folks out there from UK, you may look for cold rooms uk in this mean.


When the decision of selecting the door type has been made, then you should consider LED lighting. This will help you in saving more cost, energy and also provides you superior lighting because chiller doors usually results in reducing the ambient light up to 20 percent.

Glass chiller doors are known to be the most extraordinary solution for achieving enormous energy savings on chilled multideck cabinets. Mostly the retail owners in the whole country are trying to beat the winter-hikes of energy prices and are experiencing enormous energy savings after installing glass doors to their chillers.

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