How to start a low cost VNO service center?

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Planning on starting a low cost internet service in India? We got an idea. Why not get an VNO License. Know how to become a licensed Virtual network operator through this article.

If you're in the market for creating something phenomenal for the people,Guest Posting why not provide them internet services? While the Jio and Airtel have necessarily created a monopoly on this industry, they will have one thing in common:

  1. Internet services just appear to be affordable.
  2. And, the services don't possess the quality that it should.

So, with that in mind, you can start your own VNO center by getting the VNO License.

But what is VNO?

VNO is what you would have a Virtual Network Operator. By establishing a virtual network with virtually close to no heavy hardware requirement, the operator buys bandwidth and resells them to the subscribers. Being such a business individual, you have the power to:

  1. Control the rates of the internet
  2. Control the region in which you can provide the internet services.
  3. Choose the scale of your services.

That being said, it all hinges on getting the unified license for the same. So, in this article, we will tell you a way of starting a low cost Internet service center in India, the legal way.

Choosing the right category of VNO

Choosing the right VNO category lays the foundation of the kind of services, and in the region in which you'll provide these services. If your pockets are heavy enough to bear high VNO license fee, you can choose to provide internet services across India.

But what if the pockets aren't so heavy. What if you want to just provide good quality internet, earn some money, but don't want to investment too much. That is, get the perks but at low VNO license cost?

In that case, you can choose to provide internet services within a small region, like say, a colony or a street or even a small village.

Based on your budget, and your desire to file VNO license agreement, you have three licenses to choose from:

  1. Category A ISP: You choose category A if your pockets are heavy, and are capable of providing top notch internet services via a virtual network across India. When we are talking about actually signing a total unified license agreement, we are generally talking about category A
  2. Category B ISP: You choose category B if your pockets can bear a bit of burden. With UL VNO license of this category, you get the right to provide internet state-wise, in any one of 20 metropolitan states.
  3. Category C ISP: When we are faced with the question of VNO License vs ISP License, it's the category C ISP license that helps win the VNO License. It's cheaper, feasible and allows you to provide internet access in a small area while maintaining the highest quality.

Registering a company

For even obtaining the right of VNO License online apply, you need to register a company. The process is a simple one and literally any CA or CS can help you with it:

  1. Decide the company's name.
  2. File the RUN application to reserve that name.
  3. Get the DSC of the directors and DIN of the same folks.
  4. Draft MOA and AOA.
  5. File the application and submit the required documents you now know about courtesy of those CA or CS consultants.
  6. Get the Certificate of incorporation.

Once you've registered a company, pass a resolution that you're in fact planning to start a Virtual network operations business.

Filing the application of VNO

The process filing the application of Unified License, DOT or Department of Telecommunication hasn't provided any online method. Unfortunately, you have to stick the offline method of:

1. Collecting the necessary documents: Which are as follows:

a. Certificate of Incorporation

b. MOA

c. AOA

d. List of Directors

e. Shareholding pattern

f. Power of attorney

g. Board resolution

h. Filled application for VNO License India

i. Receipt of the VNO License fees

2. Submit the Application at the VNO department of the DOT

3. Get the Letter of intent with further directions

4. Deposit the Financial bank guarantee and performance bank guarantee and then get back to the DOT with documents of the same.

5. Get the VNO License.

The same above method goes for MVNO License, which empowers the licensee with the ability to provide internet connections of mobile network. It's the most important license and the reason why Jio and Airtel are now holding the monopoly.


Unified License meaning a unified license to provide internet services. It can be translated for VNO and ISP. However, if you want to provide low cost internet services, VNO is the way for you to go. It's process is simpler, the license is cheaper, and the requirements are low enough that you won't have to give up in the middle of your dream.

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