How Would You Know Where To Install Solar Panels On Your Rooftop

Jul 14


Ankit Johari

Ankit Johari

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There are a number of steps to follow when planning to power your home with solar energy. ... Heating and cooling: If you use electricity to heat and cool your home, your ... Additionally, solarize programs may require you to work with a specific 


If you are considering solarizing your home or office,How Would You Know Where To Install Solar Panels On Your Rooftop Articles the location where you will be installing the solar panels must have crossed your mind. But how can you ensure the location where you want to install the panels is the most optimum one? Solar panels generate maximum power when they are placed strategically. And there is a lot of science which goes behind it. Here are the things you must be taken into account while selecting the location of your solar panel installation:

Installation angle of the panels

Solar panels work best when they directly face the sun. The location where you install the solar system should therefore be such that it faces the sun and the solar panels installed on it can be angled towards it. In India, a south facing solar panel is considered to be most optimally placed but this can change a bit depending upon the architecture of the building. Therefore do check if the location where you want to install your solar panels is south facing or not.

Available Space

The space available on your rooftop is crucial to designing an optimum solar system size. This is because the area available is directly proportional to the number of panels that you can install and your rooftop solar installer can consider while designing your solar system to meet all your power requirements. With an insufficient area you might have to install a solar system lower than your sanctioned load which might fall inadequate for your needs.

Shadow free

One of the most constant and essential factors to consider when installing a solar rooftop system is the presence of shades that can potentially reduce the energy yields of the solar PV system. PV systems do not work efficiently in the presence of indirect sunlight. Therefore the location which you wish to install your solar panels should be free from shadow-casting objects, such as trees, chimneys, etc.

As you can see, choosing the right place for the installation of the solar panels is more critical than it looks. The best way to find the optimum location is to consult with the right solar installer. Since they are experts they will help you find just the right location.

Now if you want to know whether you should opt for the solar system now or later or how much you will save with solar or how much you will have to pay to install a solar system,  just run an online solar calculator and know it all within seconds.

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