Record Label To Start Services in 10 Different Countries including INDIA.

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U.K. based Music Record Label,Guest Posting Winning Records, is expecting to stretch its services and India is going to be a part of it.

CEO, Felix Ghost, established the Company with the “commitment to deliver exceptional service through passion, knowledge and expertise” on account of him being in the industry. The chief sight of Winning Records has been to “support the artists in producing, distributing and promoting their music to ensure they have enough time to focus on their own creative ability and creating an environment where artists can realize their full potential, is at the heart” of, quoted Sir Felix in an interview with us.

On asking him about the seed of this sound establishment he shared his awe-inspiring story with us!

Felix Ghost Lucas has been in the industry for a reasonable time and he felt the power of music had to be upskilled so that the artists could “express themselves and create a state of fulfilment”. It was an aspiration and vision of Mr. Felix to own a music platform for bracing and assisting artists who do not have the same window of opportunities as others, quite like his own story!

Additional to music, Mr. Felix had perpetually been zestful with football and had considered to own a football club as he has a business-instinct mind but turns out he took advantage of that wisdom in music.

Therefore to compliment his vision, with the support and investment from his family members, Winning Records was founded in 2019, in London by Felix Ghost Lucas, to implement his principles of – FAITH AND BELIEF.

Winning Records has been working with the chief objective of mentoring young artists to get acknowledged in the industry by ensuring high profile and remarkable links with music artists as well as other record labels in the country. Uncovering the finest talents and embracing an individual story so that others can regard and set-off to embellish the same is what they provide a helping hand in. 

Sir talked about the significant values with which they inculcate in their work top being Integrity, especially honesty and ethics is what they respect. Commitment of bringing out the best in the artist and believing in them was another he remarked. Reliability came next as they all work as a family. Result was the last but utmost important value that he expressed as the hard work, positive attitude and the ability to make good decisions must pay off, ensuring the client’s success.

At the end, Sir verbalized something remarkable, “We cannot measure joy! However, we can all clearly see the everlasting joy that God has planted in his family. Our good times will forever be written on the stone!”.

We believe that the Label once expands the services it will be a leading and notable Record Label, favoring the artists all across, paving their route towards success, hence we greet them Good Luck!

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