Incredibly Excellent Thermal Shock Resistive Materials

Jan 29


Brad Wolaver

Brad Wolaver

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There are a wide range of Thermal shock resistant materials available in the market with different properties. You should learn about them properly before using for any applications to drive the best results.


When materials are heated,Incredibly Excellent Thermal Shock Resistive Materials  Articles they show an increment in size and volume and this phenomenon is known as thermal expansion. There are several materials that exhibit thermal expansion when there is a change occurs in the thermal gradient   depending on the amount of heat given to the material. The coefficient ratio of thermal expansion indicates how much a material expands per 1oC rise in temperature.

Conventional   thermal shock resistant materials including Boron Nitride and Silicon Nitride are very well known for their exclusive ability to withstand elevated temperatures. Following are some materials that have remarkable thermal shock resistance and used in various applications:

  1. Quartz Glass:

Quartz glass is one of the most extraordinary Thermal shock resistant materials used in various industrial applications.

Three most crucial properties of quartz glass are:

  • Purity
  • Light weight
  • Heat resistance.

Quartz glass is a valuable   material due to its   unique mechanical and thermal properties.Among these are:

  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • High irradiation resistance.
  • High thermal resistance & Softening temperatures.
  • Low thermal expansion.
  1. Boron Nitride

Boron nitride is also known as white graphite, because it is highly lubricious material. It is produced in the hot pressed form. Key Boron Nitride Properties are:

  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Transparency for Micro-waves
  • High electrical resistance
  1. Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride is the chemical compound containing elements of nitrogen and silicon. It is highly inert and extremely hard white colored chemical mixture. As compared to other ceramic materials, it has extremely high heat and thermal shock resistance capability.  This metal shows retention & resistance to oxidation.   

 Properties of Silicon Nitride

  • High temperature strength
  • High thermal shock resistance materials.
  • Superior fracture roughness.
  • Great oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  1. Aluminum Titanate

Aluminum Titanate is a ceramic material made up of a mixture of alumina and titania. It is very unstable material in its pure state. The Components that are prepared using Aluminium Titanate can withstand even the most extreme temperature changes.

 Characteristic of Aluminum Titanate:

  • Superior Shock Resistance
  • Low Thermal Conductivity.
  • Very Low thermal expansion.
  • Better chemical resistance.
  • High wear resistance.