Introduction of 50Mn steel

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Mainly introduce the 50Mn steel in terms of its characteristic, chemical composition, mechanical properties and so on.

Basic information:Name: high quality carbon structural steel Grade: 50MnStandard: GB/T 699-1999

Characteristics:50Mn is with relatively high strength,Guest Posting flexibility and hardness, more used after quenching and tempering, and with poor weldability. 50Mn round steel is used for some heat treatment parts which is with high requirement for the wear resistance under high loading action, such as gear, gear shaft and mandrel cross section is under 80mm,etc. Its mechanical performance is similar to 50#, but with higher hardenability and after heat treatment, the strength, flexibility and hardness are all slightly higher than 50# steel. Poor weldability and have a tendency of overheating sensitivity and temper brittleness, used for stress bearing parts, high wear resistance parts and high stress parts, like mandrel diameter less than 80 mm. After high frequency quenching, it can also be used to manufacture train shaft, worm, connecting rod and automobile crankshaft, such as gear, gear shaft, friction disk, mandrel and flat spring.

Chemical compositionC: 0.48-0.56Si: 0.17-0.37Mn: 0.70-1.00S: no more than 0.035P: no more than 0.035Cr: no more than 0.25Ni: no more than 0.30Cu: no more than 0.25

Mechanical propertiesTensile strength: no less than 645(66Mpa)Yield strength: no less than 390(40MPa)Elongation: no less than 13%Impact AKv: no less than 31JImpact toughness: no less than 39

HardnessNo heat treatment: no more than 255HBAnnealed steel: no more than 217HBHeat treatment: normalizing 830 quenching 830 tempering 600

Corresponding foreign gradeDomestic product: 50MnJapan product: S53CAmerican product: 1050,1053British standard: 080A52, 080M50France standard: XC48Russia standard: 50

Relevant steelQ195 round steel, A3 round steel, Q235 round steel, 10# steel, 20# round steel, 35# round steel, 45# round steel, 60# round steel, 80# round steel, 20Mn round steel, 45Mn round steel, 50 Mn round steel, 65Mn round steel, S50C round steel, K40 round steel , T8 round steel, T10 round steel, Q345A round steel, Q345B round steel, Q345C round steel,Q345D round steel,Q345E round steel, 16MnCR4 round steel, 20Cr round steel, 35 Cr round steel

Can be used to manufacture varieties of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.

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