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According to metal powder supplier, boron is an important non-metallic mineral, there are many minerals containing boron in the world, according to the chemical containing boron ore, they can be divided into 3 categories.

According to metal powder supplier,Guest Posting boron is an important non-metallic mineral, there are many minerals containing boron in the world, according to the chemical containing boron ore, they can be divided into 3 categories: Aluminum boron silicate mineral, boron silicate mineral and boric acid salt. At present, as the boron industrial raw materials are mainly the third categories -- borate minerals. It has more than 100 kinds of minerals.

Due to the special properties of boron and boron compounds, such as light, heat, flame retardant, high hardness, high strength, wear resistance and catalytic properties, in the modern science and technology plays an important role. Turn from the original raw material industry into material industry, has a wide range of applications. Boron has several allotropic forms, amorphous boron powder also known as boron. It is a brown powder or gray lustrous crystal, active chemical properties. Stable in air and at room temperature. Heated to 300 DEG C is oxidized, at 700 is on fire. The flame is red, flame of trace gasified boron is green. Can’t not soluble in water, hydrochloric acid, ethanol, ethyl ether. Soluble in cold concentrated alkaline solution and get out of hydrogen, oxidized into boric acid by concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. At high temperature boron can interact with oxygen, nitrogen, boron, carbon and sulfur halogen, boron also can combine with many metals directly, and generate boride. Boron react with organic compounds can be generated directly connected between boron and carbon compounds or boron and carbon compounds in the presence of oxygen.

Boric acid as bactericide used for boric acid soap production. Sodium perborate as detergent composition, can improve the fabric whiteness and gloss, also for the bleaching of fabrics. Borax is a senior spices raw materials, boric acid, boric acid and zinc can be used for insulation and flame retardant fireproof fiber, also used as a bleaching agent, mordant, finishing agent. Sodium metaborate used for fabric sizing. Enamel glass ceramics adding borax or boric oxide component in optical glass, glass instrument and heat-resistant glass, can improve the thermal expansion of the glass, heat resistance, pressure resistance and improve transparency, but also can shorten the thawing time. Sodium borosilicate glass has heat resistance and pressure resistance property. Borate is an important material for organic synthesis industry. Borax, boric acid, barium borate, boric acid aluminum, boron phosphate, calcium borate, boric acid lithium is an important group of enamel, ceramic glaze, they can make the enamel with excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, can enhance the luster, improve the whiteness, robustness.

In other aspect of Boron Composite, borate whisker widely used in all kinds of composite material, has many excellent mechanical properties. Whisker is a high purity needle-like fiber material to form tiny size growth of single crystal structure under manual control. Whisker diameter is small, atoms are highly ordered, with fewer defects, the strength of bonding force between atoms is close to the theoretical value of the material, is to enhance the material with high performance. As a new type of reinforcing material, borate whiskers with high strength, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, insulation, flame retardant, conductive, shock absorber, microwave absorbing and other properties. Aluminum borate whisker, magnesium borate whisker because of its high price cause more and more people's attention, is mainly used to study reinforced ceramic matrix, metal and polymer matrix composites. New composite borate whisker reinforced, which not only retains the main characteristics of matrix material, the properties of the matrix materials improved through the toughening effect of whisker reinforced. The study found, adding aluminum borate whisker to aliphatic polyketone resin, bending strength of 180 MPa is obtained by injection molding, flexural modulus of 8.5 GPa specimens, impact strength 112 J •M-1, can be used in the manufacture of high modulus, high impact resistance, surface smooth precision acoustic components.


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