Very Organic Way of Cockroach Pest Control

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Natural cockroach control starts in your home with making sure your food and water is stored in air tight containers and of course your home is cleaned regularly.

Getting rid of cockroaches can be accomplished naturally and chemical free using therapeutic grade essential oils in lieu of using traditional methods like extermination.

These three oils work the best for repelling cockroaches:

• Cypress Essential Oil

• Peppermint Essential Oil

• Citrus hystrixEssential Oil

For best results,Guest Posting please make sure you are using therapeutic grade oils. Using good quality oils is the key to success when it comes to herbal insect repellents!

The best natural roach control involves the use of the common compound boric acid as roach killer. Boric acid is a naturally occurring product that can be mass produced from borax. Boric acid is very effective in killing small insects such as cockroaches.Boric acid has a dual effect on many insect pests and is notable for its effect on ants, silverfish, termites and fleas as well as roaches.The most immediate and efficacious use of boric acid is to introduce into a potential food source for the roach colony to consume. The roaches will not eat the compound as it is but will readily ingest it if it is mixed with sugar or flour. The boric acid  then has a degenerative and ultimately fatal effect on the roaches' nervous system. A secondary effect is that the dying roaches will excrete feces with a significant amount of boric acid included. Other roaches eat this feces and are then killed.The way to properly use boric acid is to lay down a light layer of it barely perceptible to the human eye. To do that you can use the bottle that the boric acid came in or you can buy a bellows that was made to make it easy.

A complementary effect of boric acid is as an irritant to the exoskeletons of the insect pests. In addition to its dehydrating properties, boric acid also sticks to the exoskeleton and is considered a contaminant by the roach. As such, the roach or other pest will groom itself and ingest the boric acid and once again introduce the poison to the roach and to the colony. A more stringent method of organic pest control for cockroaches is to use a mixture of boric acid, flour and cocoa (in a 1:2:1 ratio) and lightly dust it in corners and along the sides of cupboards. If you have pets or children you may want to just use the dust on the tops of cupboards as this mixture will pose a danger to them.

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