Learn From Role Models

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Learn From Role Models By: Roy Bartell ... (c) 2003 All Rights Reserved First you have to do ... You have to know your subject. So you ... be ... in people who have been s

Learn From Role Models

By: Roy Bartell
Copyright (c) 2003
All Rights Reserved

First you have to do research. You have to know your subject.

So you shouldn't be interested in people who have been successful
because they've been lucky,Guest Posting like people who have been born into great
wealth or married into it. Leave that to the supermarket tabloids. You
should be looking for the people over who have become successful
through their own achievements and hard work.

Role models don't have to be celebrities. In fact, it's probably better if
they're not. I hope that your old models are people you know, people
whom you know up to daily for specific traits, not just because you
admire their talents. These are the ones who can provide constant
inspiration and wisdom as you work toward your goals.

Learn from people who have made journey before you. Learn from their wisdom. If we're all going through life trying to be smarter, trying to do things
better and more effeciently, than it only makes sense to learn from people
around us.

The key is to focus in on the one thing that person has that you want to emulate. So many people have thing's to teach you.

You should also look at role models who are at the same stage you
are so that you can better measure yourself against what they're doing.
For instance, who are the people in your age group who are more
successful than you and why? Yet role models can change by the
month. You always have to study people, studying what works and
what doesn't, always looking for ways to make yourself and your team
more successful. There is no overestimating the value of this. Because
it's very simple: If we are not getting better, we are getting worse. There's
no staying the same. So I and constantly looking for new role models
who might teach me new lessons.

So when you go looking for role models you are not looking for people
who do things the easy way. You're not looking for people who take
shortcuts. You are looking for people who inspire you to seek new

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