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Magento 2 Partial Payment by Meetanshi lets customers make a purchase with installment payments, layaway price plans, EMIs, etc.


Do you want to implement a payment option which can be helpful in business competition and is also budget friendly for customers? The Magento 2 Partial Payment allows customers to pay in installments,Guest Posting down payments, EMIs or layaway price plans.

With this optimized payment method, encourage the customers to purchase, maintaining their budget and stand out in the competition.

Allow customers to make a purchase by paying a token amount and then pay the remaining amount with installment using the Partial Payment extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 Partial Payment extension:
  • Offer products with the partial payment, layaway plans or EMIs.
  • Let customers pay down payment at the time of the order and remaining amount later in an installment.
  • Option to define the partial payment availability to particular customer groups and payment methods.
  • Select the scope of the Partial Payment:
    • All Products
    • Selected Products
    • Whole Cart
  • Allow the partial payment facility for the specified minimum order amount for the whole cart scope.
  • The Magento 2 partial shipment feature allow charging shipping cost and tax amount on the down payment or equally divide them into instalments.
  • Disable guest checkout for partial payment.
  • Option to set the credit limit for partial payment. The orders above the credit limit won’t be facilitated with partial payment facility.
  • Display custom error message for overreaching the maximum partial payment credit limit.
  • A customer can skip the partial payments and pay the entire amount at a time using the Pay All Installments checkbox in My Account section.
  • The store owner can auto capture the instalment amount for the orders placed using PayPal and payment methods.
  • Offers fixed instalment and flexy layaway plan for partial payments.
  • Options for payment frequency for the instalments:
    • Based on Days
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
  • Customized label for the down payment amount.
  • Calculate the down payment amount in fixed amount or percent of product price.
  • Set the down payment amount to charge on orders with partial payment. Customized label for pay later amount to display in the storefront.
  • Option to charge payment fee for using the instalment as:
    • No Fee
    • On First Instalment
    • On All Instalments
  • Custom label for partial payment fee
  • Set a surcharge amount to add to the installments, to be paid either in fixed or percentage.
  • Set fee amount to charge on orders with partial payment
  • Set a custom Partial Payment availability label to show in frontend.
  • Enter and display the terms and conditions to use the Partial Payment facility in the payment calculation box shown on the product page.
  • Enable email notifications on various partial payment actions and events.
  • Manage partial payments and orders with backend grid.
  • The admin can enable product specific Partial Payment. Set the number of installments, custom down payment and fee amount.
  • Option to opt out of partial payment and pay full amount
  • Facilitates the “Partial Payment Orders” from the “My Account” section
  • The “View Orders” display information like:
    • Installment amount
    • Due Date
    • Paid date
    • Status of instalment payment
    • The payment method used
  • Allow customers to pay selected or all instalments from the instalments section.
  • Ability to approve or disapprove payments for offline methods
  • The Revenue report in the backend shows the revenue generated from the partial payment.
  • Filter and export data from the revenue report for a specific date range from the backend

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