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Nonwoven is direct use of polymer slices, short fibers or filaments formed by various methods of fiber network formation and consolidation of technology with soft, breathable and planar structure of the fiber products.

The advantage of it is cheap,Guest Posting environmentally friendly and practical, widely used. However, the market of nonwoven bags are not hot up as expected from it has been implementation, non-woven bags in people's lives gradually spread instead, and voice of people questioned the bags are not "green" getting larger slowly. The reason is that circulation of non-woven shopping bags of varying quality, product uniformity, for businesses interested in advertising and gift bags are in people's homes have piled up, and gesture, resulting in use of non-woven bags in reducing the degree of attention.As the "plastic limit" after the main shopping bags supplies, non-woven bags have gained a little awkward. How to solve the embarrassing position of non-woven bags, first choice of excellent quality non-woven bags. Many people in the use of non-woven shopping bags as an everyday bag, I found a very short life of shoddy products, and break easily tear, waterproof performance is also poor.Second, we must enhance non-woven bags used to carry out. Although the people at home more and more such bags, but many people forget to go and always carry, convenient and pretty is the main reason for the public to reflect the two. Non-woven bags available on the market are mostly easy to fold, takes time to sort out after use into a small box - trouble; Secondly, the beauty in everyone's heart, a common non-woven bags designed to be simple, reusable bag or even pale to a printed LOGO, who are willing to use it.Third, the rational use of non-woven bags as a promotional gift. Non-woven bags for corporate propaganda effect is very obvious, so many manufacturers in the choice of gift packaging, when the majority will choose it, looks beautiful, the use of more times, advertising effective, but also to Bo a "green business" reputation, why not for? But the design is simple, straightforward and non-woven bags as promotional gift packaging there is a growing trend of proliferation, resulting in general do not pay attention to the non-woven bags, reducing the frequency of use.Therefore, only extend the life of non-woven bags, so that good quality, glossy, medium size, greatly increasing the frequency of use of non-woven bags, can fundamentally reflect its environmental value. Source:

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