Marketing to women – bigger buyers than all of Japan

Oct 31


Troy White

Troy White

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Learning how women think when it comes to purchasing items


Ok  I am the first to admit  I can get very confused on how women think,Marketing to women – bigger buyers than all of Japan Articles make decisions and end up purchasing one offer over another.

But, I realize how important it is that I learn (especially considering I live with 3 of them! My wife Kari, and my twin daughters Katrina and Hailey). It is become of utmost importance to me to figure out how they think, or resign myself permanently to living and working out of the garage.

And you should too  man or woman  you should start researching the how-to aspect of marketing to women.


According to the book I am reading right now entitled "Marketing to Women  How to understand, reach and increase your share of the worlds largest market segment" by Martha Barletta.

Women make 85% of all buying decisions Women account for 70 percent of all new business startups

Specifics... Homes furnishings purchases  94% decided by women Vacations  92% Houses  91% Electronics  51% Cars  purchase 60% and influence 90% Banking decisions 84% Health car  80%

I think you see the point here  by far this is the worlds largest untapped market. And if you take the initiate to learn about this market  you will be happily growing your business while others stand by and look confused on how you are doing it.

The American Womens market by themselves has more purchasing power than the entire Japanese market!

Do I have your attention yet?

Think about it. Most advertising, web sites, sales copy, sales trainers etc are focused on techniques that sell to men.

Very few... name some... train others on effective marketing and sales techniques to the womens market.

This is new to me too!

Living with 3 women, you would think I understand this market  nope, I don't... but I want to learn.

Women have an entirely different way of making their purchasing decisions... how they read sales copy and advertising... and how they perceive companies and their positioning.

It is imperative that you learn this. Me as well.

I am not going to get into the details here... for that... go buy a book written by an expert in this field.... but here is a few examples

Women  like to see lots of information (long copy sells... but most do it wrong to the womens market), want to build rapport first, make internal connections and hear stories that they can relate to

Men  are interested in the key points (bullets... not nearly as effective with women), like headlines, status is very important and appreciate facts and features (most high tech gadget freaks I know are men

Women seek the perfect answer; men just want a quick answer. Think about shopping habits of both. Men go to a mall with a specific purpose in mind (an answer), walk quickly through the mall straight to where they are going, buy... then leave.

Women on the other hand can spend hours at the mall  seeking that perfect answer.

And women will do anything to get exactly what they are looking for.

You want raving fans? Learn how to market to women properly... they will treat you like gold in return. If you offer what they are looking for (the perfect answer), they are absolutely your perfect client  they will send endless referrals your way if you treat them right.

So, do yourself, your relationships and your business a favor  pick up a copy of this book... start to understand where 98% of the businesses you see out there are doing it wrong... and reap the benefits for years to come.

Gotta run  some serious reading and studying to do here!

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