Are you oblivious to the gold around you?

Jun 5


Troy White

Troy White

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ideas how to make some marketing ideas work for you


What could be your easiest and most profitable promotion may be lying there,Are you oblivious to the gold around you? Articles right under your nose.

It seems that nearly every small business owner I talk to is constantly looking for new customers. Despite the fact that more emphasis should be put on your existing clients than finding new, there is a formula you can follow to attract more than enough new ones.

First, open your eyes! As much as I personally dislike all the negativity in most newspapers, there are hundreds of potential story ideas and promotional themes you could use.

What does it take?


Here are some headlines from my local paper today:

Total smoke ban on Tories' agenda

Good as Golden - Globes set stage for Oscar showdowns "Meryl Streep won her sixth Golden Globe, this one as best actress in a musical or comedy for The Devil Wears Prada."

Flames riding gusher of support thanks to hot economy.

City building boom fuels national record.

Blockbuster Video: "The Illusionist" top rental.

Each one of these could be a potential reason to be in touch with your clients to promote your products and services.

This may seem a little abstract to you right now, but it is one of the keys to marketing success... the ability to see beyond the obvious and look for magical themes for your promotions.

For example:

Total smoke ban on Tories' agenda they want to ban smoking in all bars and restaurants.

Sounds good to me! I am an ex-smoker and the thought of being able to go out to a bar or restaurant without having to smell or breathe second hand smoke works for me.

Potential theme idea I could run: My 5 Year Anniversary and a BIG Thank You to the Tories!

October 2001 I took the plunge and quit smoking and haven't looked back. I don't miss the smell, taste, expense, or feeling period. And in honor of the big smoke ban taking place in our fine city I want to extend to you a special offer.

Bring in the coupon below, and for my 5th year smoke free you can buy one product (anyone of them in our showroom) and get a second one for only 5 CENTS! That's right a nickel sale. 5 cents for your second item no catch as long as the second item is of equivalent or lesser value. Good for 5 days from today.

[I can say this: Barry Lycka who heads up my mastermind group and is a VERY successful plastic surgeon runs nickel sales once or twice a year on plastic surgery procedures. While his competitor's thing he is crazy, Barry is the one laughing to the bank, consistently pulling in large 6 figure paydays when he runs a nickel sale. If it works for him it will for you too.]

One other theme idea I could run:

Good as Golden - Globes set stage for Oscar showdowns - "Meryl Streep won her sixth Golden Globe, this one as best actress in a musical or comedy for The Devil Wears Prada."

Promotion: Let's say I run a marketing consultation business.

My ad: Local Calgary Entrepreneur Challenges Local Business Owners with the Devilish Marketing Platinum Awards Ceremony. Announcing the first annual award for the most outlandish and daring marketing promotions in use by small businesses. If your marketing is "edgy" or is considered by many to be risqué this is for you.

These are just off the cuff ideas you would definitely put more time into your own. But the key is look at what the media is talking about and piggyback on their efforts.

Find a hot topic write a related hot promotion then make sure all your local media knows what you are doing (as well as national and international media). If you do it right, you will get exposure and you will make more money.

I dare you! Try it.

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