Mold and Health: Why Mold Remediation Companies Are So Important

Mar 2


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Mold problems can cause serious health risks. It is important to make sure that mold removal is done by the professionals.


Mold is an unsightly and unhealthy problem that can plague homes,Mold and Health: Why Mold Remediation Companies Are So Important Articles offices, and workspaces anywhere. It looks terrible, spreads quickly, and can become a very serious health concern. The best way to take care of a mold problem is to call in an expert mold remediation company. Mold problems need to be treated by trained professionals in order to ensure that it is removed completely. Any traces of mold left behind mean the possibility of the problem coming back is high.

Health Risks

Mold is a spore that occurs naturally in the environment. It grows in damp areas and thrives in places with little ventilation. In nature, mold and mold spores do not present a health risk. Problems arise, though, when mold grows indoors. In enclosed areas, the concentration of mold spores in the air can become high. Mold spores travel through the air and are easily inhaled.

Left untreated, mold can cause numerous health problems for those who live and work in areas affected by mold growth. Some of the symptoms associated with exposure to mold include:

•    Nasal congestion

•    Wheezing

•    Shortness of breath

•    Itchy eyes

•    Itchy skin

•    Fever

While not everyone who comes into contact with mold shows symptoms, there are many pre-existing conditions that exacerbate the effects of mold. People who have chronic respiratory diseases, like asthma or other pre-existing lung conditions, can be at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms due to mold exposure. Those who suffer from allergies are at a higher risk of developing a sensitivity to mold. People who have a compromised immune system may be at a higher risk of infection.

Keeping Spaces Free of Mold

The best defence against a mold problem is to avoid it in the first place. Mold thrives on damp surfaces with little air flow. It is most often found in bathrooms, boiler rooms, laundry areas, cooking areas, and places with water leaks. The humidity levels in these areas should be kept below 50% and should be well-vented with a fan. Any water leaks should be properly repaired, and the damaged materials should be replaced.

Mold Remediation Professionals

If mold is discovered, it is important to have mold remediation professionals assess the extent of the mold problem, remove it, and repair the area. Mold can seem to be a surface problem, but in reality, it can grow outside of view. It can grow within the walls, under the paint, into the drywall, and through carpets to the wood below.

Mold remediation professionals are experienced in finding the entire affected area and removing the mold safely. They have the proper equipment to remove it while keeping themselves safe. These professionals also seal off the area to make sure that mold does not contaminate other areas of the building during removal.

These professionals not only remove the mold, but they also repair the source of the moisture as well as any damaged materials. For example, a full-service mold remediation company will discover mold within the walls, remove the building materials affected by the mold, treat the area, repair any water leaks discovered, and then replace the wall with new materials.

In order to ensure that a space is entirely free of mold and is safe to use, it is important to hire a professional mold remediation company.