Myth Exposed: Why Blogsites Do Not Get You High Rankings

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Many coaches are jumping on the blogsite bandwagon, thinking that a blogsite is better for getting high search-engine rankings than traditional websites.

This article clarifies the difference between a blogsite and a traditional website and why the blogsite may not get the results you expect.

Many coaches are jumping on the blogsite bandwagon,Guest Posting thinking that a blogsite is better for getting high search-engine rankings than traditional websites.

Let me clarify the difference between a blogsite and a traditional website.

A blogsite is a website that was built from the technical guts of a blog, like Wordpress. What many coaches do is massage the design of a blog so that it looks more like a business website. They like this because wordpress has good content management tools. Thus, coaches can do things like add articles, or other content quite easily.

Traditional websites are constructed from code and updating it often requires knowledge of html or the use of design software. It requires more skill.

Now back to the idea of blogsites being better than traditional websites for getting high rankings ...

This is not true, and it's easy to prove.

Just think about what search engines want. They want to provide
their searchers with good results. Whether those results come from
a blogsite or not says very little about whether the information is
actually any good.

Therefore, a blogsite in and of itself does very little for your
search-engine rankings.

That being said, why do people say blogsites are better for search

Because they are assuming that the owner of the blogsite will
update it often with fresh quality content - like a blog. And since
search engines like websites with growing fresh new content, search
engines will revisit the site often and get the new information on
the site. It's arguable that the search engine would also give some
ranking bonuses for the website being "active."

But even if a website owner is creating fresh content regularly, it's only one smaller factor in the get-high-rankings game.

Now, the question is: "What does it take to get high rankings?"
Blogsite or not, the core pieces to high rankings still remain the

1. Research and choose good keywords
2. Create content around those keywords
3. Code your pages for easy access by search engines
4. Get links to your website from other good websites

These tried-and-true steps apply to blogsites, traditional websites, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites, brochure sites, personal sites, membership sites, business sites, etc.

The Aha Moment I want you to walk away with is...

It's not the blogsite that gets you high rankings; it's the publishing of good content, with good links, and good coding - the things search engines most value.

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