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Feb 24


Nathaniel Bulawan

Nathaniel Bulawan

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National Paints already owns 15 factories spread across the world and was launched first in Jordan and then onto the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

National Paints was established in the year 1969,National Paints Factories Company Limited - Emirates Factories Articles and currently ranks 23rd amongst the world's 100 largest producers of paint and coatings, and 15th amongst the 50 largest producers of paint in Europe.
It is the largest paint producer in the Middle East and ranks number one, with total production capacity exceeding 330 million liters of paint per year. With such a production record National Paints is considered a leading provider of high quality paint products.
National Paints Factories is committed to a clean and healthy Environment which is one of our priorities. To this extent we conduct all aspects of our BUSINESS as responsible members of the Environment.
We believe that a sound Environmental policy enhances our competitive strength and benefits our customers, employees and community through the achievement of Environmental objectives and targets.
National Paints offers a variety of Eco Friendly paints for a safe and green environment, such as water based decorative coating, Special Effect for interior decoration, Solventless Epoxy and Lead Free paints for toys, schools and hospitals.
National Paints currently owns 15 factories spread across the world, launching first in Jordan and then onto the United Arab Emirates (UAE). National Paints' Factory in Sharjah UAE is considered the largest production complex for paint products and related material in the Middle East and the Arab World.
National Paints spread its operations to Qatar, Sudan, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Romania, and Egypt. It exports to over 60 countries worldwide. In addition, National Paints also has showrooms spread across Russia, Syria, Lebanon and India. 
Decorative Paints - Interior and exterior
National Paints, offers a full range of products, in the field of decorative paints, which includes water based paints, solvent based paints and solvent free coatings. These products are used for interior application to decorate and protect the surface. We have Special Effect , Stucco Antique , Velvet Antique , Scumble Glaze and National Fiber. 

SpecificationsSpecial Effect : DESCRIPTION: National Special Effect is a water based decorative finish, used for creating a variety of patterns and designs on surfaces to match the interiors. RECOMMENDED USES: National Special Effect is ideally recommended for interior application and can be used on gypsum boards, concrete, plastered and wooden surfaces. Stucco Antique: Description: National Stucco Antique is a prestigious decorative finish, used for getting an attractive marble like effect to the interior surfaces. Recommended Uses: National Stucco Antique is ideally recommended for interior application and can be used on gypsum boards, concrete, plastered and wooden surfaces. It can be overcoated with National Aqua Pearl finish, for pearlescent effect. Velvet Antique: Description: Specially formulated water based material, eco- friendly, designed to give the surface velvet effects, and simulate prestigious ancient architecture it is a washable coating. Recommended Uses: Can be applied on concrete, gypsum boards, plaster and woodworks. Scumble Glaze: Description: National Scumble Glaze is a washable coating, an environmentally friendly pearlscent finish, used for creating attractive broken color effects to the substrates.
National Hammer Finish & P.U Hammer Finish Pearl
National Hammer Finish: DESCRIPTION: National Hummer Finish is a metallic coating formulated from special resins, aluminum paste and additives to give a unique impact resistance and can withstand high temperatures. Polyurethane Hammer Finish Pearl DESCRIPTION: National P.D. Hammer Finish Pearl is a polyurethane based two-pack system, which combines hammer tone and pearl effect. It forms a very tough, dry, glossy film, which has very good adhesion and gives long lasting performance. It also provides excellent resistance against water and DV radiation. 
SpecificationsNational hammer Finish : RECOMMENDED USES: National Hummer Finish is ideally recommended for painting metallic furniture, domestic heaters, tools and instruments. It is also good for hiding minor defects and surface imperfections. COLORS: Available in specific colors as shown in the Virtual Brochure Thinning: For thinning 10-20% National G.P. Thinner can be added. THEORETICAL SPREADING RATE: 12-13 sqm/litre depending on the film thickness. SURFACE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION METHOD: The surface should be dry and clean. PRIMER * Steel surfaces - Apply National Red Oxide Primer. * National Hammer Finish can also be applied directly to steel surfaces. * Galvanized steel surfaces - Apply National Wash Primer. Top Coat * Apply a thin coat of National hammer finish to avoid the primer coat, followed by a second coat of the same. 
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