Various function of pearl, do you know

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How many function of pearl do you know?

Pearl is a symbol of union,Guest Posting happiness and wealth, mainly jewel for women. Some people even declare that women without pearl are not a real woman at all. Pearl or pearl jewelry selected as a gift for relatives and friends is a good idea. With the other match laws, pearl jewelry should abide by various situations, age, career, environment and identification are some of those rules, say wholesale jewelry. Gorgeous as the pearl, the right match is beautiful in the earnest.

First, clever use of pearl in office. Putting pearl jewelry in office should be concerned with taste and style. Counting the factor of clothes’ color and style, simple and gorgeous pearl is the best practice. Female around 25 is advised to choose delicate and small pearl jewelry, matched with a white lapel shirt inside with a pearl necklace of 3mm Sinocalanus lavender. Plus a pair of earrings, you will leave a professional ability and mature impression on the boss. Female at higher management level can choose pearl jewelry of fine texture and elegant color, establishing an image of easy-going, tolerance and life enjoy. Look at the first lady Hillary Clinton, who deftly takes advantage of pearl in the public speech.

Second is the use in social gatherings. Social gatherings are good chances for you to show the personality and taste, which help others know you better. Pearl jewelry for dinner party can consider styles emphasizing elegant ambience, recommending the prominent pearl diamond jewelry.

Third, clever use of wedding jewelry. To attend the wedding, the guest should avoid excessive splendid jewelry, not to drag attentions. As for the bride, bright pearl is a necessity in wedding jewelry. First of all, pearl can be divided into several categories which function to decorate different parts, as the case pearl strings, which can decorate card shoulder and cup style wedding dress. The decoration of pearl can not only highlight the graceful lines of bride neck, but add elegant temperament. The long pearl beads for jewelry making strung on the halter style wedding dress are a finishing touch. The wholesale jewelry implies that long pearl beads string will make the wedding dress look changeable, such as put the pearl beads in a gradient way on the back of the wedding dress present a natural drape effect, making the back curve of the bride more charming. In addition, pearl can also be applied to designing dress, like the neckline, cuffs and waist with pearl as focus embellishment. The veil apart can also be charming only if master the feature of pearl.

Fourth, in clothes. Pearls with current prevalent fancy necklace, fishing line and gravel are good suggestion for all kinds of in clothes. Moreover, pearl with the classic Chinese cheongsam is perfect match. Regarding the match, pearl should be in compliance with the main tone be cheongsam. Pearl necklace can be suitable for pure color cheongsam while cheongsam of complex patterns is better for pearl earrings or rings, more noble and elegant. What is your purpose for pearl?

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