Offices: Difference Between Renting And Buying Office Spaces

Jan 13




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This article gives a brief idea of renting office spaces in prime location for commercial purposes.


Conceptualized by Gayatri Ruia,Offices: Difference Between Renting And Buying Office Spaces Articles an ardent art lover and the owner of an amazing collection of Indian Modern art over the years along with Usha Gawde, the well- known curator of the city, the Art Guild House was opened in May 2014 as a unique business space that defines the amalgamation of art and business.

Built in the central suburbs of the city, the Art Guild House is indeed a marvel with the multiple incomparable facets to boast of. From lavishly adorned lobbies that are sure to leave visitors gasping with awe, light wells that bejewel the ground floor, the glass walls that enhance the natural as well as the inbuilt lighting and above all the art works chosen carefully that showcase the sophisticated taste of the builders, the Art Guild House is the perfect mix of art and elegance. Built with an objective of creating extra luxurious corporate spaces with an added touch of art and elegance to it, the complex has housed many a high profile events like the show curated by Usha Gawde. Even the opening launch event hosted by Atul & Gayatri Ruia saw an instant increase in the celebrity quotient with a lot of glamorous celebrities making their presence in the event. The guest list consisted of names such as Ellie Avram, Rashmi Nigam, Kunika Singh, Rouble Nagi, Devita Saraf and many more from the celebrity circle. The news covered by Page3 in most of the newspapers has been among the talk of the town since long.

The building is one of its kind as far as the combination of architecture and utility is concerned. Being as one of the most sought after commercial premises, the office spaces in the building are sure to attract a huge crowd looking forward to acquire rented office spaces in the suburbs of Mumbai. The grandeur of the complex and the easily accessible centralized location just add to the multiple other benefits that businesses would derive by renting or purchasing office spaces in the premise. The Art Guild House is not only a royal address for the ones who rent office space in the complex but also a feast for the eyes of those who visit as customers to the businesses running in the building.

Owing to the increasing demand for office spaces in Mumbai, the rent for commercial spaces is as it is on the rise and with the advent of such elite structures in the real estate market, it seems that the market would surely see a steep rise in the rents and rates of commercial space in Mumbai as well as across the country. Hence in such times, it is actually quite a profitable project for the Phoenix Group who have come up with this complex as a commercial space that has paid equal importance to the softer aesthetic side and given something distinct and worth relishing to the local public.