Overview of china inorganic fine chemical industry

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Currently, the consumption of raw materials only through product transformation has not potential, but you can change the performance very significantly increase the value-added products.

Actively supporting the development of high-tech development of new products,Guest Posting new processes, to strengthen the specialization, serialization, functional, highly purified product variety of mechanisms, structure and properties of new synthetic methods and research to meet high-tech and business strategy the need for accessory products. Use of existing high-tech transformation of inorganic fine chemicals, such as new chemical synthesis technology, high-tech separation technology, the new preparation and processing technology, new environmental and energy technology. Refinement of the product and functional will be the focus of the development of inorganic fine chemicals.Whiskers in the artificial crystal form under controlled conditions to grow into a fiber. Its diameter is very small, making it difficult to accommodate the large crystal defects often appear; its highly ordered atoms, and thus the full strength of the crystal close to the theoretical value. Inorganic whisker composite materials in a special component, it has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength, electrical insulation, light weight, high strength, high elastic modulus, high hardness and other properties . Performance so that it can serve as excellent insulation, electrical insulating materials, catalyst supports, Triphenyl Bismuth filter materials, friction materials, ion-exchange materials, adsorption materials and composite components. Whisker products currently used in China are: silicon carbide, potassium titanate, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, aluminum borate, magnesium oxide, calcium sulfate, copper oxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, carbon and so on. In the future, as the insulation material, electrical insulating materials, catalyst supports, filter materials, friction materials, ion-exchange materials, adsorbents, and the development of composite materials, the variety and number of whiskers on the products in demand will rapidly increase.New high-tech composite material is more than the traditional high-performance composite materials, materials, mainly refers to a variety of high-performance enhancer (fibers, whiskers, etc.) and good temperature resistance of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin matrix composed of high performance of resin-based composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, glass matrix composites, carbon-based composite materials and functional composite materials. International materials experts generally believe that human beings have from the current era of synthetic materials into the era of composite materials. At the same time, many scientists believe that the future of metal matrix composites will largely focus on non-continuous (including whiskers, particles and sheet reinforcement) to enhance research and application materials. Therefore, the whisker synthesis and application of research in materials science will become one of the hot material.In many inorganic surface treatment products are used. In recent years, focus on the choice of surfactants and formulations carried out a number of global issues such as work. Meanwhile, for the ultrafine particles modified micro-capsule technology made available a variety of synthetic materials has reached a different coating materials (core material) levels, and can produce nano-capsules, as the inorganic material products has opened up broad application prospects.The modified traditional inorganic products, high purification, miniaturization, its value and scope of application of a fundamental change, a fine, dedicated, functional materials. China should accelerate the development of electronic chemicals, Musk R-1 magnetic materials, power materials, conductive chemicals, paper chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, leather chemicals, oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, photographic chemicals, inorganic pigments, inorganic membrane, inorganic sol, inorganic binder, inorganic fibers, inorganic flame retardants, carrier and catalyst, high purity and specialty gases, fluorescent chemicals, electroplating chemicals, desiccant, food and feed additives, fine ceramics, functional ceramics, especially rare earth (including insulation, capacitor dielectric and piezoelectric materials, semiconductor materials, superconducting materials, electro-optical ceramic materials, ceramic thermoelectricMaterials, chemical adsorption material, etc.), high temperature structural ceramics and other rare earth new materials (such as ultra-flexible magnetic material, magnetic refrigeration materials, rare earth materials, magneto-optical storage, optical cooling materials, rare earth materials, heat, etc.). The fine inorganic chemical products for the production of relevant supporting industries play an increasingly important role, is the main direction of development of the industry. It is worth mentioning that, as these supporting industry development, supporting the inorganic fine products have become more sophisticated. Electronic industry, for example, the electronics industry is characterized by the use of chemicals broad categories, varieties, special and strong, high quality requirements; As electronic technology and microelectronics technology, requires matching to the high-purity chemicals, clean , excellent performance and dedicated direction. Chemical electronics industry, including electronic grade purity gases, photoresist, high-purity reagents, high purity material and electronic industry-specific materials. China's electronics industry supporting inorganic chemicals required as many as 100 or more, is not yet fully meet the needs of a considerable number of products are also imported. With the development of the electronics industry, not only in quantity but also in varieties, specifications, quality is bound to its complementary products and higher requirements, which is the inorganic fine chemical development priorities. Source:http://www.mhcfm.com/

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