Pack your products in Sleeve Boxes for giving them a Unique Appearance

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A custom packaging is a box which is specially made for the product of a company, which is to be packed in it. The purpose of a brand getting packaging custom made is that it protects the product better than any other typical packaging

Custom Packaging allows the company to make the packaging unique and different from others. This enables the product of a brand to stand out just because of the packaging. Brands also prefer to get their product customized packaged in sleeve boxes because it gives a better experience to the customers. When customers see a packaging which is unique and different from all other,Guest Posting they are automatically attracted to the product inside it. This as a result increases the sales of the brand and they are benefitted from the customized packaging.

What type of Sleeve Boxes are used for packing a Product?

Since custom sleeve packaging is a unique way of promoting your product in the market, many brands use it for packing different products. Hence, they are readily available in all sizes, shapes, and designs in the market. You just have to decide which type of sleeve box will be suitable for your product. The printing on the boxes gives them a creative and exclusive elegance. They are used for many products such as:

Sleeve boxes for Apparel use: You might have seen a wide use of sleeve boxes in the apparel industry. People prefer gifting shirts and ties in these types of boxes to their family and loved ones. It is a great idea because these boxes can store more than one product in them. There are many products which you can pack in these types of boxes such as ties, collar shirts, cufflinks, watches and much more.

Kraft Sleeve Boxes: These types of sleeve boxes are made up of Kraft material and are used for storing small objects like pens, bracelets, necklaces, or any other stationery item. The major use of craft sleeve boxes is in the Food and Cosmetic Industry.

Many bakeries like to pack different bakery items such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, macrons, biscuits, donuts, and many more items in them. People when gifting candies and chocolates to their loved ones, also get them custom packed in sleeve boxes.

The sleeve boxes in the cosmetic industry are widely used for packaging makeup. Several makeup products like mascara, lipsticks, lip-gloss, and eyelashes come in sleeve packaging with customized printing on them. A perfume sample bought from a well-known brand also comes in such type of packaging.

Die-cut Sleeve Boxes: They have a window on them. This enables the customer to look at the product which is already packed inside. Such types of boxes are very eye-catching. According to your choice, you can get any kind of design on them. It is not necessary that the custom boxes only have windows on them. You can also get the Logo of your brand printed on it. It all depends on your liking and your requirements.

Sleeve Gift Boxes: As the name already tells, these sleeve boxes are used as a way of giving gifts to your colleagues. Such type of sleeve boxes are very attractive. You can either get them made of a single color or you can customize them according to the theme of the event. And be free to add whatever type of product you would want in these boxes.

Why sleeve box packaging is made with numerous materials?

It is important that the packaging of the sleeve boxes is made with good material. This is because the packaging of the box is a protective layer for the product and it is the first thing that a customer touches. Therefore, it should be smooth and nice to touch. The Custom Packaging knows the importance of a seamless feel. Kraft, cardboard, and Bux board are used to make these boxes. Then they are laminated to make them either glossy or matte. The high-quality ink is used on the box for giving customers the best user experience. An expert understands what a businessman wants for their brand, hence they try to create the exact desired thing for a high level of satisfaction.

Use of Custom Sleeve Boxes for Whole Sale Purposes:

You can get sleeve boxes made for wholesale purposes in any shape, size, and layout. For this, no minimum order is required. You can order as many pieces as you desire or need. Plus point is that you can get free graphic designing of your customized boxes. This option is available if you don’t want to do the designing yourself. There are no die and plate charges. Since the turnaround time of an order is quick, you won’t have to wait a long time for it to arrive. Also, if you buy the sleeve packaging wholesale, you will get it for a cheaper price.

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