Pillars of Teamwork

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My research indicates while many companies taut teamwork, many do not grow teamwork methodology, processes, and skills to benefit from teamwork. Teamwork is a tangible. It requires conscious intelligent effort to blossom.

Some companies and athletic teams use the words teamwork or team to describe how their organization works. That's extremely important. Some don't mention teamwork or team. These organizations are usually the ones that experience stagnation. My research indicates while many companies taut teamwork,Guest Posting many do not grow teamwork methodology, processes, and skills to benefit from teamwork. Teamwork is a tangible. It requires conscious intelligent effort to blossom.

Andrew Carnegie, an extremely successful entrepreneur and former leader of U.S. Steel once said: "Take away all our trade, our avenues of transportation, our money. Leave us with nothing but our organization, and in four years we shall have re-established ourselves." Benjamin Fairless another great U.S. Steel leader stated, without organization, U.S. Steel would amount to little; and without teamwork, we would have no organization.

Look at professional athletics and see, championships are won by teamwork. For example, the NBA's dynasty teams are the Boston Celtics (16 Championships), Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (14 Championships), and Chicago Bulls (6 Championships). I guarantee Championship Rings were brought by teamwork. It also brought beautiful execution of plays, movement, and spectacular moves.

Move forward to a "New Best Level™" by giving teamwork a much needed second look in your business and life. As I observe, watch, and research the best companies and athletic teams the pillars of teamwork readily appear as: Responsibility Skills Accountability "As Fun"Responsibility has two parts. One, treat each teammate well to create more respect. It takes special people to achieve special results. Be the special person at all times and you will easily gain results, admiration, and loyalty from your self and your teammates. Two, is self-discipline to keep you on the upward trend to a "New Best Level™" and keep going to another "New Best Level™" and the team leads and follows.

Grow your business and life skills. See, Michael Jordan had to learn the business of the NBA (skill identified) to help form a championship team. His talent and skills were honed and continued to grow because positive change happens. When it's time, take over the basketball game to win all the basketball games!Without accountability you and I have no fun. Make each other accountable. This is the bond that says you succeed; you bet I'm there to give you a high five! You fail; you bet I'm there to help and assist! Then, the championships, company profitability, and your life are revving for the celebration! Celebrate and years from now we all are going to have a whole lot of fun reminiscing.

Of course, the good intangibles are what separate a person, company, and athletic team. However, the good tangible teamwork is necessary to feed and encourage the good intangibles.

Have appreciation, Win Baby, Win!

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