Precision tube surface treatment technology

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Precision tube surface finishing processing technology is divided into inferior smooth processing, mirror light processing, surface color treatment technology.At present the technology is applied to different products and different areas have been extremely good effect.

Precision stainless steel seamless pipe processing technology is molding products meet uniform silver,Guest Posting stainless steel seamless consistent with its own color, and has a metallic luster. It generally refers to the production of large stainless steel seamless pipe products, because of the large stainless steel seamless tube through coil, punching, folding and welding process, the surface of the molding welds and oil, rust, etc. macular neither beautiful, and easy to rust, reducing the quality and value of its stainless steel seamless pipe products. To achieve beautiful stainless steel seamless pipe products manufactured by the customers, it must be stainless steel seamless pipe products surface finishing treatment processing. Large stainless steel seamless pipe products generally use matte processing performed after forming, but in the pre-treatment also may make a part pretreatment, and then make a final composite processing. After this treatment can achieve beautiful appearance, but also improve its corrosion resistance and anti-discoloration performance. It may first be sandblasted and then pickling passivation treatment to achieve the matte purposes. After the above treatment method, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel seamless tube products can be increased by 2 to 3 times. Because why not rust stainless steel seamless pipe is mainly due to chromium, nickel component exists, then through the matte treatment, not only to eliminate the inclusion of stainless steel seamless substrate impurities and iron-rich surface layer, and make chromium, nickel-rich Set on the surface, forming a complete purification membranes, play a better preservation. Carbon steel pipe products based on the complexity of the case and the different requirements of users, respectively by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods to achieve a mirror shine. Three advantages and disadvantages of the polishing process is mechanical polishing, good leveling, high labor intensity of light pollution is serious, the complex can not be processed, shiny drop rust, investment and higher costs Easy Pieces, medium and small sheen is not consistent with the product, gloss retention time is not long, nausea, rusting chemical polishing less investment, complex parts can throw, high speed, high efficiency, good brightness difference of light corrosion, gas spill, require ventilation, heating difficult and complicated parts and small parts brightness less demanding than the product cost-effective processing small quantities of specular gloss electrochemical polishing to maintain long, process stability, low pollution, low cost, good corrosion resistance, high pollution and high one-time investment, complicated thing to tooling, auxiliary electrode, mass production of high-end products to cooling facilities, export products, technology products have tolerances stable mass production, easy to operate controls, should be introduced. 
With stainless steel seamless DC current through a specific electrolyte, delivered to the conductors on the pole, so that the seamless stainless steel anode surface to remove a layer of metal, so to achieve leveling uneven surfaces, shiny surface known as stainless steel seamless pipe electrochemical treatment technologies-electrochemical polishing. Polished stainless steel seamless electrochemical anodic dissolution process is a metal anode oxide film formed three anode releasing oxygen in the process simultaneously. So bright electro-chemical treatment on stainless steel seamless pipe products and various metal components without hydrogen embrittlement. After the processing power of shiny stainless steel seamless pipe products can maintain the geometry of the original product, the product of brightness and cleanliness can be maintained for more than 2 years without aliasing, while removing fine burrs on the product, especially for the vulnerable parts to hair pieces and hard to reach areas, such as precision lathe parts, optical, electrical and electronic parts and household appliances. Electrochemical deburring processing luster, but also can remove the micro-cracks on the surface of the part and the embedded foreign matter, it does not enter the part surface energy, i.e. the pulling stress of the surface can become stress surface, thereby improving the product fatigue resistance. Stainless steel seamless pipe products after the light treatment by electrochemical corrosion resistance can be improved to make it 2-3 times. Because the stainless steel seamless pipe by electrochemical treatment consisting of chrome-nickel oxide passivation film strengthen resolve its surface nickel-chromium-depleted depleted layer to form enriched chromium, nickel passivation layer. After the stainless steel seamless pipe products by electrochemical light treatment, product cleanliness is improved. Because the surface after electrochemical treatment shiny, smooth, easy to stick things dirt on its surface. As a long-term water heater electric heating pipe in the water, water, calcium, magnesium impurities easy to knot the tube on the tube erosion caused by perforation. But after electrification light treatment, the scale is not easy to knot things in prison, greatly enhance its service life. Another example is the pharmaceutical equipment, all agents must have a high contact surface cleaning and corrosion resistance and cleanliness requirements. Electrochemical light processing technology to meet this requirement, it is one of the pharmaceutical technology equipment must be used. Colored stainless steel seamless pipe processing technology, chemical and electrochemical methods from the process point of view, they are dealt with in a specific electrolyte can get different colors, thus improving the wear resistance of stainless steel seamless pipe, corrosion resistance and varieties, used in different occasions, get different economic benefits.

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