Production Process of Polyurethane Insulating Pipe

Dec 7


Lily Chung

Lily Chung

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Production process of polyurethane insulating pipe.


There are three main production processes for polyurethane insulating pipes: "one-step method",Production Process of Polyurethane Insulating Pipe Articles "pipe-in-pipe method" and "foam spray method".


The "one-step method" is mainly used for steel pipes with a pipe diameter less than DN500. The process is limited with the pipe diameter range: the larger the pipe diameter, the difficulty of forming the insulation layer at one time will increase, and the eccentricity problem will become more serious. .


The "pipe-in-pipe method" is suitable for various pipe diameters, and the formation and eccentricity of the insulation layer are easier to control than the "one-step method". However, the process is more complicated, the foam density is uneven, the cavity is large, and it is difficult to make a large diameter outer protective tube.


"Foam spraying method" is a new type of process, using foam spraying equipment to spray polyurethane foam on the surface of the steel pipe directly, avoiding the eccentricity and forming problems of the anti-corrosion layer. The thickness and density of the insulation layer are consistent, which is convenient for monitoring. It is pretty good for large pipe diameters pipes.


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