Proper Call Centre Management

Oct 6


Nick DAlleva

Nick DAlleva

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With today's access to virtual technology, it is easy to start a call center business but running a business can be very difficult. The key to any successful call center is training and the right management plan.


Call Centre Management is the fundamental foundation of any well run operation. A Call Centre,Proper Call Centre Management Articles contact center or answering service relies heavily on key personnel to assure that everything runs smoothly. A management plan must be in place to ensure success of call centre projects. While planning is an important aspect of a contact center's success, the implementation of the plan is even more vital to success. Management must be in place to ensure that everything is executed properly. The key to any successful answering service is call centre management.

Call centre management takes into account all of the factors that go into running a properly maintained contact center. In many cases, call centre management is a philosophy as well as the implementation of protocol. To achieve success in a contact center, the people at the top must know their jobs from the bottom up. Therefore, in order to be a successful manager, one must first be a successful worker. It is difficult to ask someone to do a job that you are unable to do yourself. All call centre management personnel must be proficient at every aspect of every level of answering service personnel.

Call centre management is in most cases a team effort. As call centre's are usually around the clock operations, management must be in place to cover each and every hour of the day. While many call centre managers are hard working individuals, it is unlikely that they are able to work every hour of the day. Therefore a manager must be put in place for every shift. Call centre management can also extend into the weekends in the form of weekend supervisors. Management can also be divided into different departments which will determine the duties of that manager.

Call Centre Sales
The sales director is a vital part of the call centre management team. This individual, or in many cases individuals, is in charge of the call centre's sales team. A manager helps organize the sales staff, distribute leads, and tracks the follow ups of potential inquiries.

Customer Service Management
The customer service management team is what makes the answering service, contact center or call centre a success. These individuals are the glue that holds the entire operation in place. The perfect manager is an excellent listener, a great communicator and an individual who can motivate the entire team to get the job done.

IT Manager
The IT Department is the heart of the call centre operation. The management team must be capable and willing to learn and grow. With technology moving at the speed of light, an IT manager must be able to learn and grow with the advancing capabilities of new and expanded features that become available.

The quality of a call centre is usually reflective of the quality of the call centre management. Generally, a strong management team takes the answering service to an entirely different level. When assembling a call centre, a management team and a management philosophy must be in place to help implement a well run call centre.