Properties of PET that are Responsible for Their Quality and Strength

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To ensure that the PET bottles are of best quality, it is mandatory to test the properties of these containers with appropriate bottle testing instruments. With the assistance of these bottle testing instruments one can get quality test results and thus aides in making crucial change in them.

Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET is one of the most produced polymers and is widely used for different purposes. One of the major uses of the PET is the PET bottles that are used for packaging of water,Guest Posting soft drinks, chemicals and many other things. The use of the PET bottles is so prominent all over the world because of its outstanding properties such as its strength, water absorption and so forth. The products that are packaged in the PET bottles need extra safety hence it is essential to make sure that the bottles that are used for packaging are best in quality from every aspect. Here are some properties of PET bottles that must be tested to ensure the best quality of products delivered to the clients.

Top Load Strength

The top load strength of the PET bottles is one of the most important aspects that contributes to its quality and strength. The Top load is the load that is levied on a pet bottle when it is arranged in a stack formation, and the weight of the upper bottles exerts pressure on the lower bottles. This load may cause deformation of the bottles. The Top Load Test helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the bottles are strong enough to bear such heavy loads during storage and stacking during transportation.


Most of the products that are packaged in the PET bottles are liquids hence can be easily leaked or spilled if the bottles are not completely leakage free. The seal of the bottles must be checked through the instruments like secure seal tester.

Bottle Burst Strength

When the PET bottles are filled with liquids, they are subjected to very high amounts of pressure, and if the strength of the bottles is low, then it may lead to bursting of the bottles. The manufacturers should check the burst strength of the PET bottles with proper methods so that best strength of the bottles could be ensured.

Perfect Balancing

The balancing of the bottles must be perfect so that they do not trip over again and again. For this, several methods are used, and the most common are the section weight analysis in which the bottles are cut into three sections and then weighed for analyzing the weight proportion of different sections. The weight of the sections should be in right proportion to ensure that the bottles are perfectly balanced.

For best quality assurance of the Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles, it is essential to test the properties of these bottles with the help of proper Pet bottle testing instruments. With the help of these instruments provide useful insights about the quality of the products and helps in making essential improvement in them.

Presto offers a wide range of PET bottle testing instruments including bottle burst tester, hot wire bottle cutter, secure seal tester and much more that are being used in different industries for better quality assurance of the bottles delivered to the clients.

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