Protect Glass Surfaces and Shower Enclosures with Nanotechnology

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There are several surfaces around a residential or commercial space that require constant cleaning and maintenance. These surfaces include shower enclosures,Guest Posting kitchen counter tops, toilets, windows, glass walls, glass tables, and so on. The regular cleaning and maintenance can be a tedious task that eats into your weekend time. Furthermore, most people would rather spend their time doing something more fruitful.

Shower enclosure deserves special mention here as this space is used every day, and often twice a day. The clear glass on such enclosures is exposed to steam, water, and chemicals contained in soap and shampoo. If not maintained regularly, this leads to the accumulation of mold and bacteria as well as hard water mineral deposits. All of these factors play a part in making the glass look hazy and frosty.

Needless to say, it diminishes the aesthetic value of your glass enclosures. Protective coatings for glass can help you avoid all these issues. Here’s how:

  • The soap scum and oils that stick to a glass surface with a protective coating can be briskly wiped off using a soft cloth and some plain water.
  • Such coatings act as a barrier between your expensive glass and the waste products.
  • Both new and already-installed structures such as shower enclosures can be treated with nanotechnology coatings. Surfaces that contain silica can be treated with these coatings. So you could install these coatings on materials such as ceramic tiles, glass, porcelain, granite, and quartz.
  • These coatings form a covalent bond, which means that the protective coating becomes a part of the glass itself, as it shares electrons with the molecules of the glass. These bonds are exceedingly strong, thus they last exceptionally long.
  • The surface also becomes resistant to graffiti and stains. The etching caused by hard water can be successfully avoided with the help of Protective coatings.

These coatings are a one-time investment that can save you years and years of backbreaking hard work. These coatings effectively protect your investment. There are certain manufacturers that offer a patented technology that creates a smooth and strong barrier against various elements such as weathering, environmental pollutants, and hard water mineral deposits. All these factors are the worst enemies of glass surfaces.

Interestingly, nanotechnology-enabled coatings also play a vital role in reducing your carbon footprint. Are you wondering how? You can confidently do away with the harsh chemical cleaners that you were using until now to clean your glass surface. These harsh cleaners are harmful to the environment.

However, it is important to note that such coatings should only be installed by a reputable manufacturer that uses a proven and patented process. This would ensure that your expensive investments such as shower enclosures remain protected for several years.

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