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Some players of the coworking space industry thrived during the pandemic. Here are the reasons why.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic,Guest Posting coworking spaces have still thrived for some.


The London-based coworking startup “Second Home” was able to survive and even thrive through the pandemic thanks to having over half of their two-acre campus outdoors. “In the past few months, we’ve had over 20 different companies start using the space because they feel more secure here,” says founder Rohan Silva.


The alfresco workspaces already allow social distancing, making it a safe and charming coworking space option for Los Angeles business owners and workers.


Another company, WeWork, was able to thrive the pandemic thanks to new leadership and a few service adjustments. With the arrival of the vaccine, they believe that “flex is going to be a very viable alternative when interest in office space rebounds.”


But why is a coworking space beneficial, effective, and even a steady potential for future work setups?


  • No Commitment - It is given that a coworking space means less spend on rent and other office equipment or necessities. It also does not require contractual bonds in terms of rental which can be quite a responsibility to maintain especially for startups. The flexibility in terms of costs is truly helpful for any startup or personal businesses.


  • Better Productivity - Because there is less maintenance and less responsibilities than a standard office setup, both upper management and staff can truly focus more on their tasks instead of minding administrative tasks related to traditional office spaces. More productivity, more chances of success especially for a startup.


  • Networking Benefits - Coworking space offers potential for the startup brand to further be discovered (a.k.a. Brand awareness) and possibly work with other brands or companies who may be interested in partnerships. This kind of collaboration potential can elevate any business growth.
  • Work-life Balance - The flexibility of a coworking space promotes a work-life balance that many individuals in the current and forthcoming generations like to have. This kind of work lifestyle is the recent trend and ideal type of work environment right now among workers.
  • Modern Design - A plain office without clutter can be a very productive and inspiring environment. Add a few clean and modern designs to it and voila, a workspace that many desire.


What’s next for coworking spaces?


Aside from additional services and coworking marketing trends, the industry has now reached the point where quality is more in focus rather than quantity.


  • Super Flex Office - Employees can book desks for a day when they need to show up in the office. It would then be possible to accommodate a company of 100 people in an office of 30, which is the essence of the super flex concept. The tenants may also use the same technology to book meeting rooms or additional desks in the open space when needed.


  • Hybrid Coworking Models - Hardly a new one but expanding, these “drop-in” spaces are advantageous for some businessmen in order to fully maximize the earning potential of spaces.


  • Multi-location Operators - Modern businessmen spend a lot of time traveling so international passes or memberships may be sought and effective for productivity while on-the-go.
  • Automation - Software apps can be integrated and used by upper management and staff for seamless operations and work. Easy payments, bookings, and so on enables for smoother work productivity.
  • Smart Designs - Smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, smart vacuums, smart cars… The advent of smart is now and working spaces are adapting to this trend through efficient designs of interior and exterior spaces aside from aesthetics. Eco-friendly designs are also being explored to further enhance the benefits of co-working spaces.


Who are vouching for coworking spaces?


Apple, Inc. is said to have used co-working spaces for their discreet projects.


Microsoft signed with WeWork back in 2016.


Co-working spaces is an industry that has potential even if there is or there isn’t a pandemic. The focus on quality and modernization will be the driving factor of growth. Productivity gradually shifts and changes to which co-working spaces are designed to adapt to.

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