Random house book publishing

Nov 12


Jay Moncliff

Jay Moncliff

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To know and understand about book publishing


Publishing business has been one of oldest business in the planet and has been existent since a number of decades. Some of the publishing houses are existent since decades. One among such old publishing house is the Random house book publishing which has been around since 80-90 years. It was established in the year 1927 by Bennett Cerf and Donald Klofer in New York,Random house book publishing Articles USA. Since then they have been one of the best publishing houses in the USA and has been publishing the works of number of authors. This publishing house has not restricted it self to USA but has also published its books in countries like England, Canada, Australia etc.

Since a number of years it has published some good books which have become best sellers in their respective countries. It has not restricted itself to novels but has also published books which are read by children. Academic books which cater to the needs of students are also published by random house book publishing. Though it has a very strong hold its hometown at is USA, it has also given some best sellers in England. An avid reader will be very familiar to the name of random house book publishing. Random house book publishing has a number of imprints like Bantam Publishing Group, Random house Audio Publishing Group, Random house ventures etc.

Each of these imprints perform a different function i.e. one imprint may focus on speculative fiction books and the other may focus on other forms of book and so on. This kind of working helps to publish books in a more organized manner. Competition has grown over the years in the publishing business due to existence of number of players in this field. In spite of this competition random house book publishing has proven itself to be as one of the leading publishing house not only in the USA but also in other countries. Along with publishing books of well-known authors the publishing house also gives chance to new-authors. Thus, it provides a good blend for the readers. As the publishing business has developed, the random house publishing has also adopted modern methods for publishing in order to keep in pace with the developing world. Some the best sellers that the random house book publishing has given are as follows:-

1) Nigella Express-Nigella Lawson

2) Hannibal Rising-Thomas Harris

3) Who moved my cheese-Spencer Johnson

4) Against the day- Thomas Pynchon

5) Eternal- Craig Russell

6) The Player- Boris Becker and so on.

The striking factor about the random house book publishing is the number of imprints it has in the countries where it has established its business. This factor distinguishes it from the other existing publishing houses. All this years the random house book publishers have continued to maintain their hold in the market and this has been made possible only by the continuous developments that company has been making. The company promises to continue its growth in the coming years in spite of the competition in the publishing business.