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Real Estate Investing is not about doing flips, No Money Down or even 'buy and hold'.  So many people have been LIED to about Real Estate investments, and I, for one, think it's time to 'get real' about your Real Estate Investing.

This article describes just what these lies are, where they come from and how you can stop them before they stop you - and your successful real estate investing career!

Let's get REAL about something - and quelch the LIES you have been told about Real Estate Investing…

What I am going to reveal to you are some basic truths about Real Estate investing - truths that may totally affect the Real Estate investments you have now - and certainly I intend to modify the way you do Real Estate investing in the future.

Let's get right to it - and into the heart of the real estate investing issue…

You have been programmed all your life to become what you are today - from school,Guest Posting friends, relatives and, yes, your parents.

Recent studies show that you are who you are now, more from what you learned prior to age 8 than in anything else you have learned since.

Now, that may surprise you, but it is true that what you learned at the earliest ages affects the way you make Real Estate investments today, and the type of Real Estate investing success you will have going forward!

Yes, that's a bit shocking…

You see, if you grew up in an environment where you heard things like “We can't afford it”, “Be sure you have saved enough and have the cash to buy it (i.e., never use credit)” or numerous other phrases that you now hear yourself saying (you know what I'm talking about - those times you catch yourself "becoming your parents"…), it is because of your early programming (from 0-8 years) and what you were told about money, success and life in general.

That is controlling your current income - and your success - or lack of it...

The things you were told at that early, most influential age, are now creeping out and affecting how successful you are in business, in life and yes, in your Real Estate investing.


The greatest thing about this fact - as horrible as it seems - is that you can change the 'programming' - you have the power to do it!

You can reprogram yourself in any way you want - have anything you want - do anything you want…

All it takes is simply to 'reinstall' the right kind of thinking.

And, it is easier than you might think!

One of the best ways to do that is to get a CD audio set from someone you like to listen to - someone that thinks positively and speaks of the life you want to live. Many home study courses are available (yes, including mine) that are designed to inspire and motivate you, while they teach you the methods and secrets of real estate investing.

Purchase one - listen to it, over and over - until you hear yourself speaking that way, too.

You see, we are all simply creatures of habit and environment - if we allow junk to get into our heads, all we will ever say is junk coming out.

If all you listen to is the bad stuff in life (like the TV news, most 'talk radio' shows, those TV 'real life' shows that end up in fights - you know the ones…, and even violent movies where the language is nothing you'd ever expect to hear from your own lips…), that is exactly what you will wind up sounding like!

It is true - 'you are what you eat' - and that counts just as much for what you put in your ears as it does for what you put in your mouth!

If you spend your time around 'bar people', you'll speak and act like them. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as you made a conscious thought that it is what you want, but I think you'd be much more successful at Real Estate investing if you were listening to a successful person teaching you about Real Estate Investing!

Now, let's get right to the point about the various methods and concepts you have learned about Real Estate Investing…

You may call yourself a 'real estate investing expert', but if you have to get up every morning and wonder where your next check is coming from, you aren't making real estate investments, you are being employed in a Real Estate Investing JOB!

Yes, that's a hard-hitting statement.

You see, I want you to 'get real' with yourself and simply admit it - Real Estate investing is when you put money into a Real Estate investment and then get some money out - 'real estate investing' defined…

Yet, it seems that most people I meet want to attend my real estate training or purchase my real estate courses that have to do with 'No Money Down' (NMD) “real estate investing”…

Now, that kind of talk just proves the point - you can reprogram yourself to speak a different language - even if it doesn't make sense!

A bunch of 'gurus' have told you over and over again that 'No Money Down' is real estate investing - even though you learned at an early age that 'invest' means to put money into something and get money out (see for other definitions - none of them say 'No Money Down'...)

Now, it's not that 'NMD Real Estate investing' is all bad - heck, my students and I make several thousand dollars from these types of 'Real Estate investing' transactions every year, too.

Just don't lie to yourself and say they are 'real estate investments', we know very clearly that these are simply 'earned income' from one portion of your real estate investing business - the real estate 'job' portion - earned while in transition from your 'corporate job' to your 'real estate investing job' and on the road to true Real Estate Investing.

In other real estate investing articles, I cover some of the methods and techniques you, too, can explore while moving from your 'corporate job' to your 'real estate investing job' and you'll learn some insider secrets for taking that leap quickly.

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